Episode 96 – The Mold Saga is out now!

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After a short break, the team return to tackle head on the soft reboot that is the Mold Saga. Following the bloated bioterrorism era, many welcomed the return of more personal story with Ethan and family and (another) new virus/parasite/agent taking centre stage – this time in the form of Mutamycete or the Mold.

Whilst the story may start off self contained, we soon see the return of many Resident Evil hallmarks such as a new Umbrella, spies, paramilitary teams and of course Chris “yes, that’s him” Redfield ultimately leading to an interesting cliffhanger in Resident Evil Village.

Like our recent Bioterrorism Era podcast, we take each year in turn, starting in 2016 as the Mold and E-001 gains a strong foothold in Dulvey, Louisiana. How does this Mold work? Is it consistent between it and the Mold seen in Village? And what’s the deal with Blue Umbrella and the BSAA? Can we learn more from some obscure airsoft pamplets?

All of this and more including a discussion on recent RE-REmake rumours plaguing the interweb.

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