Erez  Morris “Harley”

Erez Morris was a big mountain of a man with a shaven head and the very stereotypical image of the classic American biker. He was foul-mouthed and had no respect for the law. He was arrested and later joined the U.S. Military to avoid a jail term. He was sent to Iraq in 1991 to fight in the gulf war and took part in Operation Desert Storm.

He excelled in medicine and became one of the best medics in the field. He was very brave and always put other’s lives before his own, doing his best to ensure no man was left behind. Erez had a passion for tattoos and his bulging arms were covered in art. He also had the date 28.02.92 inked onto his left arm symbolising a pivotal military experience.

After his experiences in the military, he joined the U.S. Government’s Spec Ops program, being assigned to the Echo Six team serving as team medic. In September 1998 his unit was deployed into Raccoon City to rescue survivors and try to acquire proof that Umbrella was responsible for the whole incident.

During the operation, Erez and the rest of Echo Six helped Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveria evade the Nemesis and protected Sherry Birkin in the sewers, reuniting her with Claire Redfield. In the Aftermath of the explosion at the underground lab, Echo Six destroyed a T-103 super tyrant that had become infected with a Nemesis Beta parasite. Morris and the rest of Echo Six were later told to remain in Raccoon City to try and recover a sample of the G-Virus. What became of Erez after the Raccoon City incident has never been documented and it remains unconfirmed whether he escaped alive.

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