Ethan Winters

Ethan Winters was an IT systems programmer from Los Angeles and lived a pretty ordinary and uneventful life. He had no interest in sports but was blessed with more natural strength and physical fitness than the average person. In the mid-2000s he met and entered into a relationship with a young woman named Mia and they later relocated to Texas. They married in 2011 and looked set for a happy future together although Mia harboured a terrible secret. Unknown to Ethan, she was an employee working for ‘The Connections;’ a mysterious organisation linked to the development of biological weapons and criminal activities. They had ties to the rival company and created the ‘E-Series’ bioweapons with a goal of using mind control to turn enemy combatants into willing allies and hostile elements into willing servants. Needless to say, Mia kept her employment a secret from Ethan for obvious reasons, telling him she worked for a trade organisation. She was often working away for months at a time and this put a strain on their marriage.

In 2014, Ethan’s world was turned upside down when Mia was reported as missing presumed dead after mysteriously disappearing whilst away working. All Ethan knew of her whereabouts via video messages she sent him was that she was away at sea on a ‘babysitting job’. He never had any further contact with his wife and her body was never found. It took three years for Ethan to finally move on with his life until he suddenly and very unexpectedly received an e-mail from Mia on July 18th 2017. By this point, he had more or less accepted she was gone forever but this news caused him to suddenly walk out on his friend and head straight to Dulvey, Louisiana, where Mia said she was being held. Whilst on route he contacted his friend, who advised caution, and Ethan himself conceded it could all be a sick prank, but he needed to find out for sure for his own sake.

When he arrived, a search of the grounds took him through the Guest House where he found the rotting corpse of Andre Strickland from the Sewer Gators team. He also found Mia locked up in a cell and was overjoyed to see her alive, but it was soon clear something was very wrong with her. She denied sending any e-mail to Ethan and insisted they needed to leave because ‘daddy would be coming back soon.’ Things took a stranger turn when Mia suddenly attacked Ethan like she was possessed, culminating in a battle that saw Ethan’s left hand severed off with a chainsaw. Ethan believed he had killed his wife after he had been forced to shoot her, but what he did not know was that she had been infected with a pathogen secreted by the E-Series bioweapon ‘Eveline’ that granted extraordinary regenerative powers.

Jack Baker also formally welcomed Ethan to the family before unceremoniously killing him by stomping on his head and dragging both him and Mia back to the main house. Whilst unconscious, Ethan was also exposed to the bacterium. Zoe Baker, the only member of the family able to resist Eveline’s machinations, stapled his severed hand back into place and fitted him with a Genome Codex in the hopes he could help her find a cure and escape the estate.

When Ethan regained consciousness, the Bakers tried to force feed him contaminated food but were distracted by the timely arrival of a local police officer. Ethan managed to escape his bonds and set about exploring the estate, looking to find Mia and a way out. He was stalked relentlessly by both Jack and Marguerite Baker across various locations and received several cryptic phone calls from Zoe who acted as a guide to keep him on the right path. Throughout his search Ethan discovered the Bakers had been abducting people for a number of years. He cooperated with Zoe to find two parts of a D-Series corpse that could produce a potential serum to the bacterium. But along the way, he began to experience visions and hallucinations of Eveline as a young child, confirming his own infection was progressing. It also became apparent that Ethan’s presence was forcing a change in Eveline’s thinking. She could see his bond with Mia and his desire to save her.

This prompted Eveline to view Ethan as her potential new ‘daddy’ after all, meaning she no longer had any use for Jack. Likewise Mia was once again her ‘mommy’ and Marguerite too became expendable. Once both of the adult Bakers had been defeated, Ethan survived a twisted game at the hands of Lucas Baker, the son who was secretly still in contact with The Connections and had been given treatment that freed him from Eveline’s influence but kept him at stage 1 of the infection; meaning he retained his regenerative abilities.

Ethan later found Mia and Zoe held captive at the boathouse where Zoe used both components to craft two shots of the vaccine. Ethan was forced to use one on Jack who attacked for one final time and had lost his human form altogether after Eveline had allowed his infection to progress and the mold had taken over every cell in his body. But after the battle Ethan was left with a terrible choice to make, save Zoe who had protected and guided him thus far, or save his wife. Ultimately he chose to save Mia and the two of them left the estate via boat, leaving a heartbroken Zoe behind. Ethan promised to return with help but Zoe told him not to bother as she would be dead soon anyway. Ethan pressed Mia for answers but she was suffering from memory loss and could only remember bits and pieces. Eveline also took exception to them leaving and attacked and abducted Ethan, dragging him into the ruined husk of the LNG Annabelle and cocooning him in the mold.

Whilst there, Ethan was connected to the hive mind and could link to other infected persons, most notably Jack Baker who explained all about Eveline and what had befallen his family. He was later freed by Mia who insisted he press on and destroy Eveline. She locked herself in the ship and made Ethan believe he had lost her once again.

He moved on towards the old salt mines, and witnessed an Umbrella Corporation helicopter flying by overhead. He also picked up a transmission confirming their operatives were looking for Lucas Baker. Ethan discovered the salt mines housed remnants of a secret laboratory and that this place had been used by persons to observe Eveline in her family environment. This was also where Lucas had been in contact with The Connections. It was here Ethan was able to synthesise the ‘E-Necrotoxin’, a serum that could destroy Eveline for good.

Fighting through the mines he took on numerous Molded before finding himself once again in the Guest House. Here he took on Eveline and injected her with the Necrotoxin, making her mutate into a large, misshapen creature. The ensuing battle brought the Umbrella soldiers to the scene and Chris Redfield dropped down a prototype anti-bioweapon firearm named ‘Albert-01’ and Ethan used it to finish Eveline for good. Ethan was then met by Redfield who was glad they had found him alive. Mia had also been picked up by Umbrella safe and well and the two of them were safely evacuated out of the area.

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