Executer / Cameron – Virus

The T-Virus variant developed by Dr. Cameron, unofficially called the Executer Virus or Cameron Virus or even the T-Cameron Virus was a unique and extremely powerful variant created in secret by the rogue scientist. This virus itself has often been described as being over-powerful due to is ability to not only transmit the infection rapidly, but to also do so with the consciousness of the base host stored in the building blocks of the virus itself. 

It was, like many attempts by Umbrella and Lord Spencer, an attempt at creating an immortality virus that would ensure a host could adapt and survive forever in multiple hosts, in theory forever.

Specific development details of the virus are unknown, but it can assumed that as part of the mass research program initiated by Umbrella, the Executer Virus began life off as either the Progenitor Virus, or its more non-lethal variant, the T-Virus. As with Progenitor, it was known by Spencer in particular, based on the old tales of the Nydipa Tribe that particular individuals could adapt to the lethality of the Progenitor Virus and in doing so become “superhuman” possessing long life and strength. As such, Spencer set the goal to his many employees and laboratory team to investigate the secrets to discover immortality.

Dr. Cameron was part of one such team although it is unknown which and where she worked. At some point, it can be assumed that her research into the T-Virus showed some promise as she theorized the idea that whilst immortality through the administration of a Progenitor variant may well be impossible, transferring one’s consciousness including memories, intelligence and ideas could in effect preserve their life even if the host or the original human perishes of old age. To that end, if the virus could be adapted to pass on this information upon transmission, they could achieve immortality. 

It can be assumed that Dr. Cameron’s working hypothesis was sound and the virus be developed in secret away from the prying eyes of Umbrella. Dr. Cameron created a secret laboratory in the outskirts of the city where she was able to make the adjustments she needed. Whether the virus was ever fully completed remains unknown as it did not take long for Umbrella to establish that Dr. Cameron had gone rogue.

A team of U.B.C.S under the secret monitorting of Roger was sent in right at the tail end of the Raccoon City Incident to recover the data for Umbrella and Spencer. Aware of this, Dr. Cameron infected herself with the experimental virus and mutated into a large bipedal like monstrosity. Despite Monster Cameron’s size, she was quickly dispatched, but through this the power of the Executer Virus was evidenced.

Close to Dr. Cameron at her death was her pet dog who she had trained to ingest some of her remains. In doing so, the virus worked as planned. The memories and intelligence of Dr. Cameron were passed into the canine in that very moment. Dr. Cameron had control over the dog and watched the U.B.C.S during their mission.

Everything worked as planned as Dr. Cameron in dog guise was able to infect Roger when its blood splattered into his eye. Whilst not perfect, Dr. Cameron was able to mutate further in the human host. It is unclear just how many hosts would be needed so she would look herself again or whether she would be forced to use a host as a “shell” going forward. 

The virus can also cause secondary infection, although information on this is very unclear. During the death of Monster Cameron, her remains were also ingested by a cockroach who, like many in the city, promptly became infected with the T-Virus and sought further food. However, secondary infection caused additional mutation in the creatures head with spouts protuding. It sought and located a rat, infecting this and attaching itself to the hapless creature. 

In doing so, it can be assumed that residual elements of Dr. Cameron’s intelligence remained in place but it is not clear whether this new biologival creature also possessed the conciousness of the scientist. The rat/cockroach developed additional tenatcle protusions and was able to spring them from its mouth. A downed crow was its next victim. A crow that had been shot from the sky by the U.B.C.S. 

The newly infected crow followed the platoon across the city and attacked member Ed, infecting him in the process. It would appear that the bigger the host, the more violent and unpredictable the mutation will be as Ed suffered from spinal trauma before mutating into a creature closely resembling a T-Virus Tyrant.

The Executer Virus therefore was an extremely powerful, but unpredictable variant of the T-Virus that potentially had the power to transfer human consciousness to another to prolong life, a goal that Dr. Alex Wesker would later replicate through digital technology. All examples and evidence of the Executer Virus was lost with the destruction of Raccoon City.

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