Executer Tyrant

The Executer Tyrant (unofficial name) is a large, humanoid B.O.W infected with Dr. Cameron’s virus.

Due to the unique characteristics of the virus, the Tyrant was created after infecting a number of creatures before taking form in a human. After the original remains of Dr. Cameron were scattered in and around a food warehouse in the outskirts of the city, a small cockroach feasted on the flesh. In the process the hardy creature became infected with the virus sprouting tendrils from his head. The added intelligence the virus gave to roach resulted in the insect infecting a rat and then later a crow.

This crow then infected U.B.C.S member Ed who underwent a violent transformation. Initially the mutation saw a form of madness descend upon Ed, a deranged look and heightened sense of violence and anger. Chasing its former U.B.C.S comrades through the sewers, the creature ran on all 4’s akin to a Licker. During this time Ed continues to mutate developing further claws with an ability to elongate them at will.

Only a few minutes after infection, Ed merges in this Tyrant-like form. Now a formidable and dangerous foe and able to withstand a hail of gunfire from a mini-gun turret. U.B.C.S leader, Claus makes the wise decision to leave the creature to fend for itself as he and Roger seemingly make a getaway from the cursed city.

The Executer Tyrant was most likely killed in the bombing of Raccoon City  on 1 October 1998.

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