Garradors are another product of the Los Illuminados human biological weapons program using the Las Plagas parasite. In particular these specimens are the result of body-strengthening Plaga experiments and as such display outstanding physical abilities. They have a row of razor-sharp extensible claws with bent tips affixed to each of their arms.

Unfortunately all intelligence was lost during the experiments and they are unable to follow any commands. As Garradors will viciously attack anything that enters their field of vision, their eyelids were stitched shut, and they were securely restrained in cells until needed. To compensate for their blindness, they developed a heightened sense of hearing. Using this, they can accurately locate their targets and dismember them with their claws. Although equipped with armour to protect their bodies, the exposed Plaga parasite is still visible on its back attached to the spine and central nervous system. Targeting this area is the only way to defeat the Garrador. Its name roughly translates to ‘Clawed One’ in Spanish.

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