A Ghiozzo is born when a deep-water fish is infected with the t-Abyss virus and instantaneously mutates into a fierce carnivore within a number of seconds.
They resemble the deep-sea fish that were the vectors of the original Abyss Virus discovered in the Kermadec Trench. The effects of the virus include a
significantly increased appetite, sharp fangs and a powerful jaw which allows them to chew their way through practically anything.

A group of Ghiozzo are capable of reducing a large mammal to bones within a few seconds. As a fish-type creature, Ghiozzo spend most of their time in the water but are capable of leaping out and repeatedly gnashing at targets lurking too close to the water’s edge. Even more impressive, Ghiozzo can actually jump out of their water environments completely and writhe around on dry land, giving any nearby prey the misconception that they are struggling, only to snap at anything curious that moves within range. Their skin has developed spikes along the ridge and its fins have enlarged talons and spines, meaning extreme caution is required when handling these specimens. Its genetics are modelled from Ancanthodii and Placodermi. It also has bioluminescence similar to a lantern fish or dragon fish. The bioluminescence appears down its body as an uninterrupted line.

Researchers also noted the inside of its body is full of aggressive parasites. Although individual creatures are only a mild threat, Ghiozzo typically travel in groups and like to swarm their prey. Their name comes from the Italian word for Goby. Gobiidae is one of the larger fish families comprised of over 2000 species.

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