Inez Diaco

Inéz was a member of TerraSave and a close friend and associate of Claire Redfield. Her previous profession before joining the NGO remains unknown but she was trained in firearms and skilled with knives and hand to hand combat. She had an athletic body and her distinguishing feature was her short, blonde hair.

Like Claire, her work took her all around the world and she campaigned for victims of bioterrorism. She was acquainted with Marilou Mabou after she and Claire gave a talk at Marilou’s school when she was younger.

In 2014, Inéz joined Claire for a TerraSave investigation on Sonido De Tortuga Island after they received reports of infected barracuda fish bearing strange mutations. Whilst Claire remained on neighbouring Sanahoria Island, Inéz went straight to Tortuga to meet up with Marilou. She took an instant dislike to Shen-Ya Pharmaceutical agent Mike D. Seaman after he verbally bullied Marilou after she challenged him about the Idol Survival filming rights. Marilou took Inéz to the abandoned military base where the Schraube Damon B.O.W. was being stored. There she was confronted by the Shaman and tied up and left unconscious.

When she awoke, the Schraube Damon was let loose by Mike Seaman. Inéz managed to get free and protected Marilou from the monster. The Shaman also tried to hack her phone to find out who she was really working for. Later, Inéz was part of the group that infiltrated the hidden Umbrella laboratory underneath the ruins of the military base. There she saved the lives of Takeru Tominaga and Yuki Mayu by taking on a lone MA-121 Hunter; a single specimen that had been purposefully let loose to deal with intruders. Although Inéz managed to badly wound the creature, she let her guard down and was fatally wounded. She died shortly afterwards in Claire’s arms after making the others promise her they would escape alive.

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