Jabberwock S3

The Jabberwock S3 was developed by the rival company and was a breakthrough B.O.W. through being the first stabilised creature created using the t-Veronica virus as a base. The creature was greatly influenced by Umbrella’s Bandersnatch creature which itself was developed using data from the Tyrant Program. The main development process was similar to the Tyrant but the chosen human subject was injected with t-Veronica instead. It was then secured in a cold storage pod to allow its cells to disseminate to sufficient levels. But like the Bandersnatch, no attempt was made to preserve the human look so there was no requirement for artificial body strengthening, hormones oradditional surgeries which kept the development cost of the project within acceptable levels.

The resulting creature was grotesque-looking with clear insectoid features. It developed up to seven sickle-shaped appendages of varying sizes that possessed an unparalleled strength. This immediately rectified the core fault of the Bandersnatch predecessor because it allowed the Jabberwock to use its arms to cover its body and protect its head, making bullets useless against it. These sickle-shaped arms were created by reinforcing it with t-Veronica and they boasted the same strength and intensity as steel, allowing them to sheer through rock and reinforced doors.

The Jabberwock had leathery green skin with numerous splits revealing bulbous, blue sacs containing a noxious internal fluids. Its skin appeared green thanks to an infusion of chloroplasts resulting in the chlorophyll absorbing light in red and blue regions of the visible spectrum but reflecting green. It also developed an elongated head with a distended mouth and mandibles. Its heart also became exposed due to the utilised Tyrant development process but the creature retained enough intelligence to use its three main arms to shield this obvious weakness.

The creature was quite large and bulky and had a curved spine with an almost hunched back meaning its movements were quite slow and cumbersome. It also had a special implant embedded into its head for extra control and provide the ability to follow direct commands. Because the Jabberwock was created using the Tyrant development process, it retained more intelligence than a standard infectant and was able to be trained to follow even complex commands.

Although the potential of the Jabberwock was huge, they needed to be tested in the field before mass production could begin. In order to do this, Albert Wesker made arrangements with Javier Hidalgo to sell several specimens to the Sacred Snakes for use in combat situations. They were deployed during Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser’s incursion mission in 2002 and displayed several impressive attributes. Its intelligence levels surpassed even that of the Hunter II when it was found Javier was able to instruct them to capture Manuela and bring her back to him alive rather than just kill. The creature could clearly understand the difference. The creature is termed after the ‘Jabberwocky’ from the literary tales of Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, the same as its Bandersnatch counterpart.

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