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Jack Baker was the head of the Baker family living in the region of Dulvey in the southern state of rural Louisiana. He was married to Marguerite and together they had two children named Lucas and Zoe. The farm they owned was set amidst a large plantation surrounded by numerous swamps and a bayou. It was very isolated but the Bakers were known throughout the local parishes as a quiet and peaceful family. The Baker farm had been passed down generationally and dated back to the early 19th century.

Little is known of Jack’s early life other than he grew up with a passion for American football and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in April 1980. He also met Marguerite and was married to her for at least 25 years prior to October 2014. The date of their anniversary was October 26th. Jack was a firm but caring man, although he liked to drink and would get drunk most nights, leading to strained relations within his family. He had a temper and the alcohol would only exacerbate this. Marguerite often complained about his drinking and his son Lucas felt the brunt of his fists on more than one occasion. However, when he was sober he was a kind-hearted and down to earth family man. His professional life outside the services remains a mystery through he did always mention to Marguerite that he always wanted to run a bed and breakfast at their farm.

In October 2014, a hurricane swept through Dulvey and devastated the area, leaving much of the parish flooded. Just prior to this, Jack had spent many days reinforcing the main house by boarding up windows and securing the outbuildings as best he could with hammer and nails. In the aftermath of the storm, Lucas informed Jack that a large ship had drifted off course and crashed in the bayou. He went out to investigate and found the unconscious Mia Winters, later bringing her back to the farm and putting her to bed in the caravan. Jack went out again, too soon to heed Mia’s warnings about Eveline; a powerful E-Series bioweapon she had been secretly transporting on the ship. In the swamplands near the wreck of the LNG Annabelle, Jack found a comatose Eveline and brought her back to the ranch. He put her in Lucas’ old room and told Zoe to watch over her whilst he went back outside to check the boathouse. The damage from the hurricane had left it half underwater the last time he had checked. Eveline soon woke up and began infecting the family with the mold, starting with Marguerite. Jack returned and bravely tried to save Zoe from his now deranged wife, only to succumb to the infection himself moments later. The mold exacerbated Jack’s already short temper and made him excessively violent towards anyone that challenged him. It also endowed him with extraordinary regenerative capabilities and a dulled reaction to pain stimuli. To demonstrate his devotion to Eveline, he took a knife and stabbed himself in the heart, feeling no ill effects whatsoever. He tried to capture Zoe and succeeded in dragging Lucas into his old room where Eveline also infected him, referring to her as Lucas’s new sister. Because the infection was in its very early stages, Jack was able to sometimes resist Eveline and would tell her to shut up when she got in his head, insisting she was not real.

In the day that followed, Jack returned to normal and went about his everyday life, but he continued to display symptoms of irrational behaviour and slowly the bacterium spread towards his brain, which eventually put him in stage 2 of the infection and rendered him completely under Eveline’s control. In this phase, Jack experienced hallucinations of Eveline and began carrying out her orders without question. His regenerative powers increased and his behaviour became quite hostile. His thoughts were completely in tune with those of the E-Series asset and eventually Jack lost all sense of ego. Eveline controlled his infection and kept it restricted to the mid-stage, for if it continued unchecked the mold would eventually take over every cell in his body and Jack would lose his human form. Eveline initially saw Jack as her surrogate ‘daddy’ and she continued to manipulate him and the rest of the Bakers at will. Soon they began to withdraw from society and that eventually led to them being declared as missing persons. Their sudden disappearance raised many questions and theories ranged from foul play to unshakable rumours about the psychological condition of Lucas Baker. 

Eventually the Baker farm was declared as abandoned but people would not go there because of the wild rumours and soon the entire plantation had a reputation for being haunted. Eveline wanted to expand her family and had Jack capture anyone that ventured too close to the estate, this included hikers, campers and homeless people. Jack and Marguerite would deliberately feed them contaminated food to infect them with the mold and Eveline would assess their suitability as potential family candidates. Those that were deemed inappropriate or unworthy were discarded and converted into Molded creatures. For the next three years Jack and the rest of the family abducted over 20 people and many were killed, tortured and dissected. Jack’s daughter Zoe would try to help the captured subjects and this led to her being disowned by the rest of the family and forced to live inside the caravan in the garden. In their depravity, the family even turned to cannibalism and likened their captured prey to several different foods such as meaty sauté and portly BBQ. Some subjects occasionally escaped and this eventually prompted Jack to suggest hiding the three dog head emblems making up the puzzle for the lock on the back door of the main house. Jack also occasionally frequented Dulvey to gain supplies but by this point he was so dishevelled and unkempt that nobody recognised him. He would visit Niko’s and purchase chainsaws, pet collars and coils of rope to provide further torment to his victims.

In June 2017 the Baker farm was visited by the production crew of ‘Sewer Gators’ – an online documentary series exploring haunted and abandoned places. The show producer Andre Strickland had heard of the Baker family and his research found them to be a quiet family that disappeared three years ago. There was nothing unusual about them save for the unsavoury rumours about Lucas. The production team shot some rehearsal footage in the guest house late at night but Andre was lured away and killed by Jack. Shortly afterwards presenter Pete Walken was killed by a possessed Mia Winters and cameraman Clancy Jarvis was abducted. Clancy was initially kept alive as Eveline took an interest in him as a potential ‘brother’ for her growing family. He was tended to by Marguerite in the main house and this caused Jack to get angry and have an argument with her. Jack’s behaviour upset Marguerite so much she stabbed Clancy several times before Jack stepped in to stop her and insisted he loved her.

The following month, Ethan Winters was lured to the estate at the behest of Eveline who used a disorientated Mia to send him an e-mail for help. To help lure him to the right place, Eveline had Jack distribute photographs of Mia around the guest house and light a camp fire outside next to Mia’s handbag and driving license. When Ethan came into contact with Mia, he was infected with the mould and Jack knocked him out and brought him up to the main house. There the Baker family had a meal to welcome him into their fold and tried to feed him contaminated food. When he refused, Jack became angry and tried to force open Ethan’s mouth with a knife to test his pain responses to the infection. He later severed Ethan’s leg off completely with a shovel and then offered him first aid so he could reattach it – confirming to Jack that Ethan was successfully infected. Jack then chased Ethan around the main house, laughing and joking and enjoying the thrill. He also murdered Sheriff’s Deputy David Anderson who later arrived at the estate investigating more missing persons’ reports. During a confrontation in the garage, Jack tried to use Ethan’s own car to kill him, and demonstrated more of his unique abilities by surviving a fatal stabbing through the heart with scaffolding, being blown up and burning to death, and a gunshot point blank to the head.

Jack reappeared later on after his body had once again regenerated. He stalked Ethan once again and by now had developed a severe dislike of him. He questioned what Eveline ever saw in him and taunted him as ‘just a man without a family’. He knew Ethan was trying to escape the house and so he took one of the dog head statuettes and hid it down in the dissection room. He had also brought Deputy Anderson’s corpse down and hung it from a meat hook on the wall where it would slowly transmute into a Molded. At this point Jack realised that Eveline wanted Ethan to be her new ‘daddy’ and that he was becoming superfluous to requirements. He desperately wanted to kill Ethan and trapped him in the basement before attacking with a pair of mechanical shears. But again, Ethan won the battle and Jack’s injuries were so severe that his upper torso exploded completely, leaving only his legs behind. With Jack being of no further use to her, Eveline released the block she had on his infection and allowed it to reach the third and final stage, resulting in the mold taking over every cell in his body and Jack losing his human form. He grew into a large, animal-like creature with his body encased in the sentient mold. He could still speak, but his voice was distorted and inhuman. He burned for revenge and vowed to kill both Ethan and Mia for destroying his family. He attacked Ethan once again at the boathouse and chastised Zoe for helping their captives escape. He was angry for being plotted against and lamented the death of Marguerite at Ethan’s hands. But Jack was eventually killed for good when Ethan injected him with the experimental serum crafted from the D-Series head and arm. The resulting injection caused the mold within Jack to calcify.

However, because he was infected with the E-Series Mutamycete, the D-Series Necrotoxin had not fully killed him and thus Jack survived for longer in torment. Having lost his human form, he now resembled a mass of decaying skin and barnacles in vaguely humanoid form. His body was covered in centipedes and he became known as the ‘Swamp Man.’ He spent weeks after Eveline’s death prowling the woods and looking for his daughter, Zoe, but he was eventually killed by his own brother, Joe.

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