Jake Muller

Jake Muller was born into a life of poverty in Edonia, Eastern Europe. The only family he had was his mother and she was poor, resulting in them living a very basic life wavering on the poverty line. Jake’s father was the infamous Albert Wesker who was still working at Umbrella when Jake’s mother met him in America. Their affair was brief and Wesker abandoned her before she discovered her pregnancy. When she did, she returned to Edonia without telling him about her condition. When Jake was old enough to ask about his father, his mother would only say that he walked out on them both, something Jake grew up feeling extremely bitter about.

Although his mother tried to reassure him that his father cared, Jake felt extreme animosity towards Wesker, despite not knowing who he was or even his name, for his mother never told him. He was also completely unaware of the genetic legacy he had inherited. Albert Wesker had a very rare and special blood type which rendered him immune to most viruses. He was one of the few individuals who successfully adapted to the experimental virus making up part of Oswell E. Spencer’s ‘Wesker Children’ program, and this unique blood type had now been passed onto Jake.

Jake was just a child when his mother fell ill with a serious disease, meaning he had to support her as best he could, despite being only a teenager. Her condition was treatable and doctors believed she could make a full recovery so long as she received specialist treatment. Unfortunately Jake and his mother barely had enough money to cover their daily needs and an expensive treatment program was out of the question. Despite her condition, Jake’s mother did the best she could to provide and protect him.

Regardless of the way she had been treated by Wesker, her feelings meant she would never speak ill of him to Jake. Jake loved his mother with all his heart and couldn’t understand why she was still enamoured with his father, the man he believed had abandoned them. As Jake got older, he developed impressive fighting and athletic skills, and decided to put them to good use by becoming a mercenary. He knew the profession paid well and so he sold his services to the highest bidder, despite being just 15 years-old. At the time, Edonia was on the brink of civil war and Jake fought in several skirmishes three years before war was declared. He had no love or care for politics, he just wanted money to pay for his mother’s much-needed medical treatment. However, not long after he had become a soldier of fortune his mother succumbed to her illness. Jake was away at the time and she left him a note on her death bed apologising for leaving and expressing her eternal love for him. It was also her dying wish for Jake to one day find Wesker and stop hating him. Jake was devastated by his mother’s passing and was now truly alone in the world.

The first group of mercenaries he joined after his mother’s death taught him everything he needed to know about armed and unarmed conflict. His trainer was strict and demanding, though had a soft spot for Jake. He fought in conflicts in Europe and the Middle East before finding himself in South America in 2009. By now, Jake’s trainer treated him almost like a son and Jake himself over time had allowed his barriers to come down and was able to feel a sense of attachment to him, something he had only previously felt for his mother.

Unfortunately, this mercenary was actually a double agent who sold out the whole unit. The entire squad was wiped out apart from Jake and one other survivor, who went on record to say that Jake saved his life. The enemy had come at them with knives and despite being out of bullets, Jake stood his ground and fought back, earning a deep scar down his face in the process, but driving the enemy back long enough until reinforcements arrived. His fellow survivor could not believe how strong and intense Jake was in that moment.

After being betrayed by his father figure, Jake put his faith in the only person who had never let him down himself. Any compassion in his heart was lost, and he drifted from war to war as a soldier of fortune. Over time his heart grew cold and his only passion was money, despite the fact he no longer had a pressing need for it. He didn’t make friends, he didn’t trust anybody, didn’t love anybody and refused to worry or take responsibility for anyone or anything else. As time went on his combat experience increased and his survival skills became more formidable. His cynicism created an unapproachable aura, and even his fellow mercenaries considered him to be moody and distant.

The only thing he trusted was cold, hard cash, and he had no time for the concerns of others. He was a consummate mercenary, selling his services to the highest bidder without any concern for the ideologies or the groups that employed him. Those he did work with said he was not a very nice guy, but not exactly bad either, just a killer without conscience solely motivated by financial gain. Jake continued to fight for the next three years.

In 2012, agents working for The Family on behalf of Derek Simmons had been researching everything about Albert Wesker since his death in 2009 and uncovered evidence that he had sired an illegitimate child. The Family’s vast global network of intelligence agents soon pinpointed Jake as a likely candidate and managed to acquire a DNA sample. This sample confirmed Jake to be Wesker’s son and confirmed they shared the same unique blood type, meaning Wesker’s alleged immunity to viral infection was passed down onto him. The Family wanted a sample of Jake’s blood to assist with research on the in-development C-Virus and assigned their top agents to locate him. He was soon found back in Edonia fighting in the ongoing civil war and Simmons in his capacity as the U.S. Government’s National Security Advisor, sent in D.S.O. agent Sherry Birkin to secure Jake and escort him safely out of the country. Sherry was under the misguided belief that Simmons wanted Jake’s blood to create a vaccine, and never knew it was actually to enhance the deadliness of the virus.

Carla Radames was sent in on orders from Simmons to ensure Sherry succeeded in her mission. But unbeknownst to everyone involved, Carla wanted Jake for her own nefarious purposes and that of Neo-Umbrella; a terror organisation she herself had founded as part of an elegantly crafted revenge plan against Simmons.

It was December 2012 when Neo-Umbrella supplied the Edonian Liberation army with several B.O.W.s to help them overthrow the government troops, which in turn led to the intervention of the B.S.A.A. Carla Radames supplied the rebels with the C-Virus under the guise of a nutritional drug and when they injected themselves they all became J’avo creatures with the exception of Jake who was immune. Shortly afterwards, Sherry Birkin made contact with Jake and Carla got visual confirmation of Wesker’s son as the two of them made their escape. Jake was initially selfish and sarcastic towards Sherry, assuming she wanted to hire him for protection.

He asked for £200,000 up front and another $200,000 when they were safely out the country, with an extra charge for killing B.O.W.s. However, he was taken aback when she explained the importance of his blood and what it could mean to the world. Not quite believing her but deciding to play along regardless, Jake asked for $50 million in exchange for his blood samples. Together the two of them fought through Edonia, engaging the J’avo and avoiding B.S.A.A. troops who mistakenly saw them as the enemy. They were also pursued by the Ustanak; a terrifying humanoid B.O.W. unleashed by Neo-Umbrella and designed to track Jake down in a similar manner to the Nemesis T-Type hunting the S.T.A.R.S. back in Raccoon City. Yet after a while, Jake and Sherry began to make an effective team.

Eventually, the two of them ran into Chris Redfield and the rest of Alpha Team. Jake was initially cold with Chris and angered Piers Nivans with several remarks before they were interrupted by the arrival of two Ogroman B.O.W.s. Jake and Sherryassisted Alpha Team to bring them down before Chris arranged transport to get them to Sherry’s rendezvous point in the neighbouring town. During the flight, Sherry spoke with Simmons who agreed to pay the money Jake asked for, making him realise that the importance of his antibody was very real. But before they could get to the rendezvous point, they were attacked by Neo-Umbrella helicopters and the Ustanak once again, resulting in their chinook going down. Jake and Sherry parachuted to safety and landed on a mountain. But they were soon being chased again and took shelter in an old mine where they were forced into a game of cat and mouse with the Ustanak.

By morning they looked to have finally escaped but were apprehended by Carla Radames and agents of Neo-Umbrella. Carla calmly informed Jake that he was the son of Albert Wesker, one of the world’s most infamous bio-terrorists before ordering the Ustanak to knock him unconscious. Jake and Sherry were secretly transferred to a Neo-Umbrella research facility on the outskirts of Lanshiang, China, were they would be held in isolation for over six months. In the meantime Derek Simmons was told both Jake and Sherry had been killed in Edonia.

For months Jake was experimented on and numerous blood samples were taken. He was quizzed about his father and in turn learned all about Wesker and how he almost came to destroy the world. It took Jake a while to come to terms with these revelations and he began to wonder just how much of his father’s personality he had inherited, coming to believe that being the son of such an evil man explained his lack of compassion during his time as a mercenary. He also believed Sherry had known about his link to Wesker all along and that was the only reason why she wanted him. He feltangry that she did not tell him.

Jake was an intelligent young man and early into his confinement, had already picked up fluent Cantonese after eavesdropping on his guards. He never let on to the fact he could understand them, but it helped him plot his eventual escape. After being reunited with Sherry, they fought through the lavish mansion above the research facility and managed to get in contact with Simmons, who to Sherry’s surprise was already in Lanshiang. After stealing a motorbike and avoiding a tank, Jake and Sherry managed to escape the compound and ride into the city which unknown to them was swarming with J’avo.

Neo-Umbrella’s agents pursued them relentlessly through the urban districts but they were assisted by Chris Redfield and the B.S.A.A. who were in the middle of their own mission and scouting the upper levels of the buildings. Although they were too far away to talk, Jake wondered if Chris knew that Wesker was his father. After moving on, they were attacked by a creature known as the Ubistvo before witnessing a U.S. Government plane crash down into an industrial zone. At the crash site they met Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper. Leon shocked them both when he revealed that Simmons was the one who had masterminded the whole thing, leading Sherry to question what the consequences of handing Jake over to Simmons would be.

The four of them were soon separated after being attacked by the Ustanak and Jake and Sherry continued on to the rendezvous point regardless, again being pursued by the Ubistvo down the canal and being secretly assisted by Ada Wong in the process. After eventually reaching Simmons, he admitted his reasons for causing the bio-terror attack in Tall Oaks before the place was suddenly ambushed by J’avo. Simmons was shot and infected with the enhanced C-Virus and Jake and Sherry were captured once again by Neo-Umbrella and taken to an undersea oil field located 80 miles off the coast. Hours later they were eventually set free by Chris and Piers who had come to rescue them following directions passed on by Leon. When they finally met up, Chris admitted to Jake that he was the one who had killed Albert Wesker.

Enraged, Jake almost murdered Chris in cold blood before composing himself long enough to realise that he wasa better man than his father and that there were more important things at stake than simple revenge. It was then that they discovered Neo-Umbrella’s ultimate plan, which was to unleash a huge B.O.W. known as the Haos and allow it to infect the planet with the C-Virus. Chris and Piers focused on the Haos whilst Jake and Sherry escaped. They needed Jake alive to use his blood to create a vaccine for the C-Virus.

After one last confrontation with the Ustanak, Jake and Sherry made it out of the facility safely and his blood was used to create the vaccine. He later told Sherry he lowered his asking price from $50 million to $50.

Following the incident, Jake’s relationship to Albert Wesker was classified top secret and he was allowed to go free. At some point, Jake visited a small village under attack by B.O.W.s and he made a deal with a small boy to get rid of them all in exchange for an apple. But when B.S.A.A. scientists feared the C-Virus may eventually evolve and mutate, they began to seek Jake out once again, launching a worldwide manhunt. His current whereabouts remain unknown.

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