A J’avo is the result of a human being directly injected with the C-Virus. The virus causes them to lose all reasoning and self-control, but intelligence levels remain preserved, allowing them to communicate and co-ordinate with one another and operate complicated machinery, vehicles and firearms. They also retain any previous training such as heavy weapons handling and martial arts/hand to hand combat. They have a tendency to carry out their final orders given prior to infection, explaining why E.L.A. J’avo continued to fight the Civil War in Edonia and why Neo-Umbrella J’avo obeyed and followed Carla Radames without question. Once infected, J’avo will carry out these orders without fear and without any thought for their own safety or well-being. Initial physical changes include increased strength and a strange facial mutation that results in extra-eyes appearing on their faces. J’avo will attempt to conceal these mutations by wearing hats, bandages or masks.

A J’avo is capable of healing itself with its regenerative abilities, but when the regeneration process stalls, body parts can mutate into totally different forms. Because of the properties of the C-Virus, the core body temperature of a J’avo is abnormally high. When taking damage, the internal body temperature raises further as the body attempts to repair itself. Sometimes if wounds are too extensive, the J’avo will spontaneously combust by bursting into flames and die. Other times the virus is capable of regenerating wounds that would be fatal to a regular human in just a matter of minutes. If a J’avo mutation occurs in a specific part of the body, the regeneration replaces the regular human tissue with chitinous, insect-like appendages thanks to the insect genes within the C-Virus. In some cases, the repairs take on a utilitarian purpose, replacing arms with scythe- or shield-like appendages. Others sprouted wings and gained the ability to fly. These mutations are a tactical advantage for the B.O.W. for a J’avo has no base weak point and destroying any part of its body risks triggering a mutation that makes the J’avo even more powerful than its original form.

When J’avo are seriously injured, the C-Virus in their bodies is activated, creating a hard-outer layer of skin and forming a chrysalid to protect them from enemies. Inside the outer layer, the body structure is dissolved and rebuilt over and over due to the effects of the C-Virus, and once the J’avo’s form has completely changed, the outer layer breaks and an entirely new organism, known as a Complete Mutation Species, is born. By combining animal genes with the C-Virus, the resulting mutant species it created reflected the characteristics of these creatures. As a result, many different genes, including those taken from reptiles and mammals, were incorporated into the C-Virus and the resulting Complete Mutation Species were deployed as biological weapons.


Glava-Sluz (Cranial mutation)

The head, injured and mutated, grows larger and mucus gathers in the swollen part at the back. This mucus is shot out of the mouth and twines around the Glava-Sluz’s target, trapping it in place. Although the mucus itself does not do any damage, it completely immobilises the target and leaves it vulnerable to other creatures in the area. Its ruptured head has the appearance of silk moth and lobster moth larvae.

Its name means ‘Head-Slime’ in Serbian language.

Glava-Smech (Cranial mutation)

Once the human head sustains enough damage, it will grow rapidly and split down the middle. It also develops two large pincers from its chest cavity to grab its prey. This J’avo rips into its target with its enlarged mouth and chin that are similar to a stag beetle’s pincers, and pulverises even the bones. Its destructive force and impressive power are such that even the strongest agents and most skilled troops usually cannot escape an encounter without sustaining mortal wounds. But because its head has become so large, this has affected mobility and it has a tendency to move extremely sluggishly. The centre of its stag-beetle like head is the weak point and traces of its original skull are still visible on the sides. This mutation roughly translates to ‘head-laughter’ in Serbian.

Glava-Begunats (Cranial mutation)

Significant damage to the J’avo head causes it to split into three cicada larva-like heads, each of which has its own self-will. Each one will try and take control and move in any direction it wants, this causes confusion and the J’avo simply runs wild as a deranged soldier, waving its weapon in its hand and firing at random. The J’avo in this form will not stop rampaging until its life is ended. Each head has large red eyes and two sharpened pincers used to scratch and jab at its target. But because they are constantly trying to run off in different directions away from the torso, all of their thoughts get jumbled up and the creature ends up not knowing what it was thinking in the first place. This means any type of training or control is impossible. Its name means ‘runaway head’ in Serbian.

Glava-Dim (Cranial mutation)

This mutation has the head in the shape of two bees and releases a smoke-like substance from the tip of the tail originating from the right atrium of its heart. The two asymmetrical heads are in fact mutations of the alveoli and heart. The heart is divided into the right and left atriums and the alveoli on the right and left lungs are enlarged and exposed.

This smoke is in actual fact the J’avo’s boiling blood vaporising. By flapping its wings it disperses this smoke to cloud the target’s vision and make them crazy. Its main goal remains unclear but it is useful in supporting other J’avo. The back of its head resembles a hole like a beehive or compound eyes opening up in the gap between blood vessels. The Glava-Dim mutates after shooting out its insides and essentially leaves only the muscles required for movement. The remaining interior is protected by an exo-skeleton. At the same time the stinger momentarily pulls back, the muscles inside expand. The exoskeleton opens as if pushed out by this, and the stinger is launched. Its name means ‘head-smoke’ in Serbian.

Telo-Krljusht (Torso mutation)

Damage to the upper chest cavity causes ruptures and the appearance of scales emerge from the inside the body, as if trying to repair the damaged area. These scales are so strong they can repel any physical attacks by hand and cannot even be penetrated by bullets.

Although it does not have any special attacks because no other areas have mutated, it is very difficult to penetrate its tough armour. Its scales are not noticeable at first but they have the look of a wharf roach.

Its Serbian name is ‘body-scale’.

Telo-Eksplozija (Torso mutation)

The upper body of this mutation swells profusely and has a shape like a combination of hornworms. When it is attacked, they all explode together, trying to return everything to dust. It has protruding visible features recognisable as rhinoceros beetle or stag beetle larvae. Its function is that of a kamikaze soldier, similar to the Ooze Chunk or the ‘Sploder Afflicted. This is a terrifying mutation, but because its lower half is smaller than its enlarged upper body, its centre of gravity is poorly balanced, and it always staggers and stumbles as it approaches its target.

Its name is ‘body-explosion’ in Serbian.

Telo-Magla (Torso mutation)

Moth-like wings sprout from the front of this J’avo’s torso, and the Telo-Magla flaps these wings to spread a poisonous cloud of gas over the nearby area.

This gas is not poisonous enough to be fatal, but because they obstruct vision, being overcome by them buts their prey in a tight spot. Unlike other mutations, the Telo-Magla has been documented returning to its original form after spreading its gas. Its name translates to ‘body-mist.’

Ruka-Khvatanje (Arm mutation)

This creature develops an enlarged arm that mutates like a worm. It has extended reach and captures its target with the feelers at the tip of its arm then smashes them against the ground or a wall. Because the feelers at the end can also be moved freely in addition to the arm itself quickly lengthening to reach far away areas, its prey cannot feel secure even while hiding in an area that appears safe.

Its name roughly translated to ‘arm-capture.’

Ruka-Srp (Arm mutation)

This mutation’s seriously damaged arm transforms into a sharp sickle, and the creature cuts down its targets with this blade. Because the sickle boasts a wide reach and is swung around in a large sweeping motion, it is hard to avoid even at a distance. Contrary to its broken, twisted look, it is extremely hard and has been known to effectively repel ordinary attacks. The mutated sickle is reminiscent of a praying mantis. Its name crudely translate to ‘sickle-arm.’

Ruka-Bedem (Arm mutation)

Additional organic material grows from the damaged arms that hardens into an armoured shell. This enormous, solid shield completely covers the front of the body, offering the J’avo protection to the equivalent of an iron wall that renders even heavy weapons useless. Not only is this wall tough, the shield-like arm can be shoved forward to repeatedly deliver a forceful blow. Standing directly in front of this mutation is equivalent to committing suicide. The creature has finger-like appendages spread out at the end of its arm and the inside of the mutation is like the stomach of a wharf roach. The shell grows along the surface of the muscles and as such moves according to the motion of the muscles.

When the mutation triggers the shoulder plates begin to form and the exoskeleton like that of a wharf roach begins to form. The carapace parts expand and contract together. Its name translates to ‘Arm-Wall’ in Serbian language.

Noga-Let (Leg mutation)

Damage to the J’avo’s lower body causes its legs to mutate into something like the wings of a moth, and it flies freely through the air, suspended from upside down. Not only can it not be reached with close-range weapons, the wings are stronger than they look and it is not easy trying to shoot this mutation down. It likes to attack by swooping down from the blind spot of its prey. The upper body remains completely human and it is able to grab its target with human hands or operate firearms as normal. It also has a stinger to pierce its victims. Its name means ‘Leg-Flight’ in Serbian.

Noga-Oklop (Leg mutation)

Damage to the legs cause them to split and mutate, developing into a combination of wharf roach carapace and human leg parts. The mutated legs do not interfere with its physical movement. At the same time, its leg strength is significantly enhanced, and the super-powerful jump kicks that result from that can easily pulverise a human’s bones.

Its feet have mutated with one foot still looking vaguely human and the other definitively insectoid. Its name means ‘Leg-Armour.’

Noga-Trchanje (Leg mutation)

Damage to the J’avo causes a new abdomen and thorax to sprout from its back. It has six insectoid-type legs and the upper body has flipped and dangles upside down. The motif is that of a spider and its unique mutation allows the creature to crawl freely around floors, walls and ceilings. It uses its still-human arms to grab its prey while wandering.

This mutation is good at guerrilla-style fighting and attacks from outside its target’s field of view. Its mobility is a particularly serious threat in labyrinthine, multi-tenant buildings. Its name means ‘Leg-Work.’

Noga-Skakanje (Leg mutation)

The legs mutate into something reminiscent of a grasshopper or flea-like limbs. They are capable of astounding leaps, making the creature a threat even to helicopters flying in the sky above. Because of this high-flying ability, it is able to quickly capture targets even in rough terrain with sharp increases and decreases in height.

While it is not able to demonstrate this precious leg power in small spaces, it remains a threat because its still-human upper torso can use firearms as normal. Its name means ‘Leg-Jumper’ in Serbian.

Neo-Umbrella J’avo

These are specialised soldiers who have received extensive combat training and were specially-designed suits to give them an insect look and help control their mutations.

Neo-Umbrella J’avo are extremely loyal and can make effective use of firearms, more so than the standard J’avo as a result of their dedicated training. They were predominantly used to guard Neo-Umbrella facilities.

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