Jessica’s Report

Jessica’s Report is a video supplement that came bundled with a copies of Biohazard Revelations in Japan in a special DVD. The DVD numbers were extremely limited and included trailers and developer interviews.

The main “bonus” was however the video report from Jessica Sherawat that shed some light on her motives and the other players of Resident Evil Revelations.

This report has been translated by REP staff member, theBatman.

It happened in 2004 in Terragrigia, the “Megafloat” city on the Mediterranean coast when the rains of the t-Abyss virus dispersed from an unmanned aerial vehicle and the deployment into the city of biological weapons transformed a maritime utopia into a hell on earth. The organisation claiming responsibility appeared in Dante’s Divine Comedy, but how did these internationally obscure terrorists, referring to themselves as ‘Veltro’ after the great hound, come to acquire biological weapons?

The circumstances are still unknown, but at the time, our knowledge of Veltro was limited to that of a radicalised guerrilla group that had developed from a student movement, and their statement claimed it was a terrorist act of protest against development.

Whether that was true or not, we’ll never know. This unprecedented act of bioterrorism, which transformed the world’s values, was dubbed the ‘Terragrigia Panic’ by the mass media, and the name ‘Terragrigia’ was forever etched in the hearts and minds of the people, synonymous with sorrow.

One year on…

The BSAA has received a leak from a highly creditable source. It was enough to convince us of a terrorist plot that could be happening in the very near future and there was reason to suspect Veltro’s involvement.

That should have been impossible. The official story was that the FBC had identified their hideout and that a clean-up operation had resulted in the deaths of all the principle Veltro members.

But there was in fact, one exception. Jack Norman, the alleged leader of the group. According to some accounts, this man’s body has never been found. This is information that has never been made public. Jack Norman, who is said to have led Veltro with overwhelming charisma… The footage he left behind at the time of his declaration was used to raise him up as a martyr by certain extremists, and even now it is distributed on video-sharing websites.

In any case, we need to act immediately and uncover the truth of this information ourselves. We cannot afford a second tragedy.


Auditor: Agent Interview Record Subject Jessica Sherawat. Recorded by the Special Auditor of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies

Auditor: I’d like to know about the agents involved in this mission.

Jessica: Is it okay if I speak subjectively?

Auditor: Yes, feel free to speak your mind.

Jessica: Chris Redfield… One of the Original Eleven, a founding member of the B.S.A.A. He has excellent marksmanship and close quarters combat skills. As former member of the U.S. Air Force, he is also a skilled aircraft pilot.

Auditor: Have you ever teamed up with him?

Jessica: No, this is my first mission. But he’s the right man for the job, don’t you think? I’ve got his back, he’s got mine. ‘Jessica, are you okay?’ “Yes, Chris. I’m fine.’ It will be like a scene from a Hollywood movie.

Auditor: Next, tell me about his background.

Jessica:  Chris’s fight against bio-weapons began in 1998 at the Umbrella Arklay Laboratory. A leak of the t-Virus triggered the so-called ‘Mansion Incident’.

Auditor: His S.T.A.R.S. days with the Raccoon City Police Department. The Federation noted that was one of the most important times of his career.

Jessica: He is a real-life hero, but without the cape and mask. Battle after battle, he always survived, and he did so with a vengeance, before finally destroying Umbrella. His record is one of the finest in the B.S.A.A.

Auditor: As a member of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies, I am indebted to him. If he had not hunted down Umbrella, we’d have a much bigger problem on our hands.

Jessica: That is why the Federation established the B.S.A.A. and invited Chris to be a member…

Auditor: Yes, we needed an organisation that could take on bioterrorism and the responsibility should lie with those who possess the necessary skills.

Jessica: Jill Valentine… She is another of the ‘Original 11’, and like Chris, is from S.T.A.R.S. She is skilled in the use of heavy weaponry and combat proficient. She can even use lock picks to crack simple locks. Oh yeah, I hear she has also got some bomb disposal skills too. I have to admit, I am not a fan of Jill’s ‘good-guy’ persona, but I do admire her talents. Work is not the same as friendship, so it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Auditor: All right. So long as you deliver, we’ve got no problem with that.

Auditor: Jill Valentine is one of the survivors of the Raccoon City disaster, right?

Jessica: Yes. After the mansion incident, she stayed behind in Raccoon City to continue her own investigation. It wasn’t until two months later that the entire city was hit by a biohazard. Though the t-virus was pretty much wiped clean according to the official word…

Auditor: At the time, it was not in anyone’s best interests for the existence of biological weapons to become public knowledge.

Jessica: ‘Anyone…’ Of course, that applies to the government, too, because the missiles they launched in the name of the Sterilisation Operation obliterated the city shortly after she escaped Raccoon City… I’m sure she will never forget that moment.

Auditor: Because you experienced the same thing?

Jessica: Yes, although all I could feel back then was helplessness.

Jessica: Parker Luciani. He is a former F.B.C. agent.

Auditor: Then he is just like you.

Jessica: He is a colleague of mine from the F.B.C., which means, for better or worse… I know him well. He is… stubborn and inflexible. Sorry for the inappropriate expression, but to put it bluntly, he is fucking awkward.

Auditor: I see… So why did he join the B.S.A.A.?

Jessica: Parker transferred to the B.S.A.A. a year ago because of… and I’m sure you know by now, it was the Terragrigia Panic. There is no denying the fact that decisions were made in the field there to save face at the F.B.C., and he was troubled by that. There were times when he tried to drown his problems with alcohol, but then he concluded that he needed to fight more to protect the people, so he joined the B.S.A.A.

Auditor: You are right. He is fucking awkward.

Jessica: And that is what is so cute about him, really.

Jessica: Keith Lumley and Quint Cetcham. These two are easier to explain together.

Auditor: No problem. Speak of them collectively.

Jessica: Indoor and outdoor. Thinker and doer. Cautious and impulsive. To understand them, try and pair up every single opposite you can think of. Quint, a mechanical geek with a background in intelligence analysis. And Keith, trained in live-combat and a battle-hardened Special Forces mercenary. They don’t always see eye to eye, and they always seem to be bickering, but they are at their best when they are working together.

Auditor: They naturally compensate for each other’s shortcomings… And that makes them the perfect team.

Jessica: Clive R. O’Brian, head of the B.S.A.A. He is taking direct charge of this operation, so everyone is a little on edge.

Auditor: That’s unusual. He’s rarely been in direct command before.

Jessica: He prefers to stay behind the scenes. “Do not let the left hand know what the right hand has done.” That’s what O’Brian used to say.

Auditor: “Mathew 6:3” from the bible…  The motive to seek fame, is impure in itself.

Jessica: Not only that, but “the wise keep silent.” He appears aloof and unguarded, but he never shows his hands. He may be rough around the edges, and he does dress sloppily, but he is actually quite cunning.

Auditor: It is hard to lead the B.S.A.A. if you are not. I believe he was the only one from the B.S.A.A. deployed to the area during the Terragrigia Panic. I’m told he had a falling out with the F.B.C. over how to resolve it.

Jessica: I don’t know. At the very least, the F.B.C. had on-site command and it is safe to say that O’Brian’s opinions as an observer were largely ignored.

Auditor: Can you also speak about the F.B.C.?

Jessica: Yes.

Jessica: The Federal Bioterrorism Commission, a United States anti-bioterrorism unit. Director Morgan Lansdale is the first and only director to date, meaning his power within the F.B.C. is absolute.

Auditor: You could say he is dictorial. At the F.B.C., no action, no matter how insignificant, happens without his approval. On the other hand, I am sure there are plenty of facts that only he alone knows.

Jessica: Nevertheless, from his results, the F.B.C. is now the largest anti-bioterrorist organisation in the world and it was only through the determined will of Morgan Lansdale that it was able to win over public opinion to the threat of bioterrorism and get Congress to approve a major strengthening of the organisation.

Jessica: Raymond Vester, F.B.C. agent. When Parker and I were at the F.B.C., he was just a rookie, a cute, junior agent. I still hear rumours now and then, but…

Auditor: I don’t hear good things about him. Heavy-handed investigations, exclusionary and uncooperative with local police, and I’ve heard he has interfered with B.S.A.A. operations on more than one occasion.

Jessica: It seems that way, but I haven’t had any contact with him since I moved here, so I don’t know much more than that.

Auditor: Thank you. Your perspective has been interesting. It’s been very helpful in understanding who you are.

Jessica: Your welcome. And my reward? Oh yes. Could you approve the leave request I recently submitted?

Auditor: …. All right then. But under one condition – you turn in some homework.

Jessica: Wow, I didn’t know this was a high school. Well then, we have a deal. Look forward to a great report.

T-Abyss Report

Well. There are times in this world when a bad thing can yield enormous profits. Maybe it is because human nature is a slippery slope, but… A viral weapon is one of them.

The ‘t-Virus’ is a name that may sound familiar to many of you. It was developed by the Umbrella Corporation, a pharmaceutical giant. They are a household name in the industry.

The t-Virus has the unique ability to alter the genetic makeup of other organisms. The best example of this is the phenomenon known as the ‘zombie’ infection of the human body. The true purpose for the development of this nightmarish virus was to create genetically engineered bioweapons known as ‘B.O.W.’ and use them to monopolise the military industry.




A number of B.O.W.s have been developed over the years. The unrelenting ambition of researchers – if that’s the right word – has never ceased. Even today, when the Umbrella Corporation has already collapsed, research and development of viral weapons must still be underway somewhere in the world. And now a viral weapon has been created that can best be described as an improved version of the t-Virus. That weapon is ‘t-Abyss’, which was used during the Terragrigia Panic. The t-Abyss is a genetic hybrid of the t-Virus and ‘The Abyss’, a new virus discovered during deep-sea exploration. The t-Abyss is still a mystery at this stage, and I’ve had the privilege of obtaining valuable data on its infected cases.

‘Ooze’… That is what they call people infected with t-Abyss. It means ‘dripping thing.’ I agree with the sensibilities of the researchers who named them for they look like drowned, bloated corpses. The peculiarity of the Ooze is that they are, above all else, unique. They use the flexibility of their bodies to move through various crevices and spaces in pursuit of their prey. Their behavioural patterns are unpredictable, and the Ooze is driven by an instinctive need to stay hydrated. It is assumed that t-Abyss in the body consumes excessive fluids during proliferation. Instead of feeding on flesh, they consume the blood and fluids of their prey. This is a major distinction between a zombiefied person infected with the t-Virus. Their leech-like mouth organ is a tongue evolved for blood sucking. Once their prey is captured, the Ooze bites down with this tongue and sucks out the bodily fluids. There are hundreds of tiny fangs on the surface of the tongue’s tip, each operating independently. With these fangs, the Ooze slices through its prey’s skin, consuming the blood and bodily fluids.

This is a mutant form of an infected individual called ‘Skagdead.’ These cases usually occur in individuals who are more resistant to the virus than normal and is thought to be a special mutation resulting from the virus taking longer than usual to invade the body. The ratio is approximately one in a thousand. But there is a limit to luck. Unfortunately, no, perhaps fortunately, we don’t believe they have any consciousness. They just mumble nonsensical words over and over again like a mechanical doll whose circuits have failed. They are extremely durable. Their bloated body surface has the effect of minimising damage to vital organs required for functionality.

Data on mutated species of infected persons #2

The ‘Sea Creeper’, like the name suggests, is literally an aquatic creature and ruling underwater is her sole domain. Yes, the Sea Creeper mutation is referred to as ‘she’ because it is only expressed in some infected females possessing the XX type chromosome.

The seekers who creep through the water…

She uses her six arms, multiplied by the virus, to capture her prey and feed on them using her entire body. There is no way to escape her embrace. None.

 It is difficult to detect a Sea Creeper lurking in the water, but with the help of bio-scanners, we may be able to detect their presence.

This is all the data I have on the t-Abyss virus as I was only able to obtain data on the infected cases.

I’ve been unable to confirm the existence of a weaponised B.O.W., but given our history, it’s not hard to imagine that bioweapons research and development is already underway. The prospect of encountering a new B.O.W. that reflects the genetic influence of marine life… It will be a complete unknown to us. As of now, there is no actual combat data on t-Abyss. If we could get our hands on it, our research would take a huge leap forward.

Jessica Sherawat.

Yeah, I’m not sure this a great report, but I’ll send it to you later. I’m sorry, it’s almost time for our rendezvous. Let me enjoy my vacation a little.

Okay, bye.

So long as there are people who see a use for bio-weapons, our work is never done. Today’s vacation is over. Another mission begins.

As early as tomorrow…

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