Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine was born in America and has a mixed-race background with her father being French and her mother of Japanese descent. She led a decorated career beginning with the U.S. Military where she became acquainted with Forest Speyer and later Chris Redfield. Jill’s strong sense of justice and refusal to give up even in hopeless situations resulted in a unique opportunity to join an experimental U.S. Army Delta Force training program; a classified course designed for women who were otherwise banned from serving on the front lines.

This program was the resurrection of an idea originally trialed in the early 1980’s where Delta secretly experimented in bringing women through as operatives through a modified selection and assessment course, but ultimately the mixing of sexes did not work. This exclusive program made her proficient in firearms and self-defence.

She specialised in Explosive Ordinance Disposal, earning high grades from her instructors and was trained to pick a variety of different locks. She also acquired above-average knowledge on drug and chemical matters. Above all else, Jill was ordered to keep her training a secret and always refused to confirm or deny her involvement or the existence of the so-called ‘funny platoon.’

In 1996 Jill was recruited into S.T.A.R.S. for her already well-developed combat skills and called on her old acquaintance Chris to improve her marksmanship skills with weekly training. He was the only one who knew of her Delta Force training background but she would never disclose the finer details even to him. Officially her rationale for joining S.T.A.R.S. was because she could not abide by criminals who threatened innocent lives but in reality it was much closer to ‘wanting experiences that would give her the true feeling of being alive.’

When on duty, Jill wore a lightweight armoured vest for field missions and a trademark blue beret in honour of her father. She integrated herself naturally into the team and was not afraid to speak her mind. She would question everything, not afraid to go to the point of absurdity so long as she reached the truth. Some believed she had a somewhat impulsive disposition but she always conducted herself calmly during missions and her precise judgements saved her teammates a dozen times over. She was appointed to Rear Security (R.S.) and was the only female member of Alpha Team. Her lack of emotion and complaint during emergency situations led to others viewing her as brave and courageous, yet on more than one occasion she feigned this strength and every now and then her weaker side would surface.

She enjoyed living in Raccoon City and did not do much in her spare time, although her Japanese cousin would sometimes visit and they would go shopping together. Her other hobbies included playing the piano and horse riding.

In July 1998, Jill’s world was changed forever when she and her colleagues were dispatched to the Arklay Mountains to look for their missing Bravo Team comrades. After landing in the forest and discovering the body of Kevin Dooley in the crashed Bravo Helicopter, Jill could only watch helplessly as Joseph Frost was ripped apart by Cerberus dogs. After barely escaping into the mansion, Jill teamed up with Barry Burton to search and investigate the estate. Although Barry aided Jill several times, he began acting more strangely as the night wore on and she began to suspect his true motivations. She used her formidable survival skills to evade the zombies and B.O.W.s roaming the manor and eventually reached the laboratory where it was revealed Wesker had betrayed them all and had secretly been working with Umbrella all along. Not only that, but he had blackmailed Barry into doing his bidding. His job had been to keep her alive long enough so B.O.W. combat data could be recorded against her skills as a flesh and blood combatant and to reach the Tyrant’s chamber. But Wesker’s plan backfired and the Tyrant was later defeated. Jill forgave Barry and the two met up with fellow survivors Chris and Rebecca Chambers before managing to escape the estate before its destruction.

Upon their return to Raccoon City, Jill compiled a detailed incident report for Chief Irons and worked with Chris and Barry to warn the authorities abut Umbrella’s biological weapons. But their claims were scoffed at and their request for official investigations into the corporate giant denied. It took two full weeks for Jill’s wounds to heal and throughout that time suffered flashbacks and painful memories of her teammates dying. In the following week she noticed Chris was acting erratically at work and she had to intervene when he uncharacteristically got into a fight with a junior officer. After he had been placed on a leave of absence, Jill visited his apartment where he showed her fragments from research documents concerning the in-development G-Virus. She suddenly realised that ever since their return from the mansion Chris had been investigating Umbrella alone. She wanted to help him and together they confided with Barry and decided to fly to Europe to investigate Umbrella’s main headquarters. But Barry decided to first ensure his family’s safety and took them to Canada. This prompted Jill to decide to remain in Raccoon City a little while longer and investigate Umbrella’s laboratories before joining up with Chris on a later date.

Unfortunately, Jill’s decision to remain behind saw her caught up in the biohazard that engulfed the city in late September. During the early stages she remained holed up in her apartment until she eventually realised no rescue was coming and she had to escape on her own. By now the city was completely blockaded and Umbrella had deployed the Nemesis T-Type to track down and destroy the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members left in the city.

In addition, the U.B.C.S. Supervisors were briefed on Jill and a large reward was available to the operative who confirmed her elimination. The sheer number of zombies on the streets forced Jill to hole up in a warehouse building with a civilian named Dario Rosso. But he refused to leave with her and she was forced to go on alone, later meeting Brad Vickers and witnessing his death at the hands of the Nemesis. Sometime later she teamed up with several surviving U.B.C.S. mercenaries including Carlos Oliveria, Nikolai Zinoviev and Mikhail Victor to reach their extraction point at the St. Michael Clock Tower. At the clock tower, Nemesis shot down their escape helicopter and infected Jill with a more potent strain of the t-Virus. Jill remained inside the chapel for two days as Carlos kept vigil before heading to the nearby General Hospital to retrieve an experimental vaccine.

Jill woke up in the early pre-dawn hours of October 1st and headed through Raccoon Park, meeting the traitorous Nikolai once again before arriving at the Dead Factory where she discovered Raccoon City was going to be eradicated by a government-launched missile at dawn. Jill worked with Carlos to survive and were eventually rescued by her old friend Barry Burton, who had commandeered a civilian helicopter and entered Raccoon airspace looking for her. Together the three of them made it out just in time as the city was obliterated behind them. From that moment on, Jill vowed to take Umbrella down at all cost.

Following the incident, Jill set out to join Chris in Europe to continue their investigation, but by the time she arrived at his safe house, he had already left for Rockfort Island and had left behind his combat knife as a signpost for her to follow.

In the following years, Jill and the others went to ground, affiliating themselves with anti-Umbrella groups and watching with interest as the Raccoon Trials unfolded in the Supreme Courts. Throughout that time they also searched without success for Albert Wesker who was now affiliated with Umbrella’s leading rival company.

In 2003, Wesker secretly leaked intelligence that the Russian branch of Umbrella were developing a powerful new B.O.W. and this led Chris and Jill to investigate a small village in the Caucasus region where they discovered another t-Virus leak. The only survivor was a little girl named Anna and Jill took her under her wing. They discovered Anna’s father was an Umbrella employee and a nearby Chemical Plant was the secret base the company were using to carry out its latest bio-weapons research. Armed with this information, they immediately linked up with a regional Biohazard Containment Unit and launched an assault on the base without waiting for final approval from the Russian government.

Despite the facility being engulfed in a Level 4 biohazard at the hands of Wesker, the mission was an apparent success and the base was shut down, cutting off the supply of B.O.W.s to terrorist states. Shortly afterwards, Umbrella was dissolved having been found guilty in court over their involvement in the Raccoon City disaster. With Umbrella now gone, Chris and Jill could fully revert their focus back to Wesker.

One year later, Jill became one of the Original Eleven founding members of the Biohazard Security Assessment Alliance. At the time of the B.S.A.A.’s establishment, a member named Quint Cetcham spoke up about the necessity of developing specialised weapons and equipment to deal with the unique situations afforded by illegal biological weapons and suggested new firearms focused on the Samurai Edge; the infamous M2SF Beretta developed by Joe Kendo. Jill assisted Quint by providing him with her own customised model. Quint studied and inspected the weapon, and later created a successor in the ‘Samurai Edge A1’, which was based on the new M9A1. As a thanks to Jill for her assistance, she was given this new model to test on the front lines. As a tribute to both her and the original creator, a S.T.A.R.S. medallion was grafted onto the grip and a ‘Custom Kendo’ mark on the slide.

Also that year Jill witnessed the horrors of the Terragrigia Panic via media outlets as the Federal Bioterrorism Commission handling the incident refused direct B.S.A.A. intervention, with only Director Clive O’Brian and a few support staff being allowed on site to assist.

In 2005, Jill was given a new partner in Parker Luciani; a former operative of the F.B.C. who had fought in the Terragrigia Panic caused by the Veltro terrorist group. Although they had been disbanded immediately after the incident, the B.S.A.A. had received intelligence of a possible revival. Jill and Parker were asked by Director O’Brian to meet with him to investigate strange corpses washed up on the beach of a small Mediterranean coastal town. Soon they received a call revealing that all contact had been lost with Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat and that their last position had seemingly been in the middle of the ocean. Jill and Parker tracked the signal and found the Queen Zenobia adrift. They boarded and found the ship to be crawling with B.O.W.s. In addition, the intelligence on Chris was a trap to lure them both on board.

After exploring the mysterious ship and encountering F.B.C. agent Raymond Vester, they were eventually joined by Chris and Jessica and caught up in a tangled web of conspiracy involving several parties and a new viral strain known as ‘t-Abyss.’ Jill teamed up with her old partner Chris and together they destroyed the source of the t-Abyss Virus in the secret lab located in the bowels of the ship. After escaping via helicopter, O’Brian revealed the whole truth behind the incident and that the Veltro revival was a fake orchestrated by him to lure out F.B.C. Commissioner Morgan Lansdale, who he feared was corrupt and responsible for helping the terrorists launch their attack in Terragrigia. With intelligence provided by Quint, Jill and Chris located the sunken Queen Dido and defeated Jack Norman; the Veltro leader who had the proof to bring Lansdale down. With this proof exposed, Lansdale was arrested and the F.B.C. dissolved. Soon afterwards, the B.S.A.A. was restructured under the jurisdiction of the United Nations and absorbed all F.B.C. assets.

A year later, the B.S.A.A. received intelligence about the potential whereabouts of Oswell E. Spencer; the only remaining Umbrella founder and now a recluse forced into hiding with delusions of godhood. Because of their past histories, both Jill and Chris were selected by the European Headquarters to arrest Spencer and bring him in. They soon arrived a run-down old mansion in Western Europe, eerily similar to the original Arklay Estate in Raccoon Forest and uncovered several revelations within. But by the time they reached the library, Spencer was already dead, murdered at the hands of Albert Wesker who smiled at the sight of seeing his two old rivals bursting through the door. They fought, but Wesker was far too quick and too strong for both of them.

Chris was dazed and Wesker hoisted him up in the air, preparing to deliver the killing blow when Jill suddenly tackled him out of the window, sending them both plummeting down a cliff hundreds of feet to the rocky floor below. It was a fall neither of them could possibly survive, but thanks to Wesker’s powers they did just that. Jill was badly wounded in the fall and unconscious, but she was alive.

The B.S.A.A. launched a three month investigation to locate the bodies but neither were ever found and Jill was declared dead on November 23rd, 2006. By now, Wesker used news of his ‘death’ to veil his activities and left the rival company and joined up with Tricell full time, manipulating Excella Gionne to reopen the old Umbrella laboratory in Africa. He had placed Jill into a cryogenic sleep having given her extensive medical treatment, intending to use her as the first test subject for the completed Uroboros Virus. But whilst she recovered, Wesker noticed her body still contained traces of t-Virus from her infection during the Raccoon City incident, albeit in a dormant state. Whilst comatose, the virus was reanimated before suddenly disappearing from her system altogether, leaving behind powerful antibodies to the virus. All the years the t-Virus was inside her body had forced it to develop a defence system that was nothing short of miraculous. Unfortunately this discovery only helped further Wesker’s ambitions.

The development of the Uroboros Virus, the centrepiece of the Uroboros Plan, had proven to be quite difficult. The Uroboros Virus developed from the Progenitor flower had proved to be too poisonous to humans to be of much use. Instead of spurring the next step in human evolution, it only invited death. To counter this, Wesker theorised that using Jill’s antibodies could make the virus less poisonous, and he kept her alive solely to produce antibodies for his research. Jill, who had reviled bioweapons and devoted her life to eradicating them, was now ironically being used to develop the most terrible bioweapon of all.

After much research and experimentation, Wesker finally perfected the Uroboros Virus. Jill’s participation in its development meant that she was no longer a suitable test subject. Pure and unadulterated antibodies with high resistance to the virus permeated her body so Wesker decided he would find a suitable use for her elsewhere. During the research into the Progenitor virus, an ancillary chemical was discovered. The researchers referred to it as ‘P30.’ When administered to test subjects, it would not only give them superhuman strength, but also rendered them highly susceptible to control. P30 was the ultimate performance enhancer.

The aims of the Uroboros Plan were to create a new breed of humans, so P30’s application in this plan was inconsequential. However, for the time being it could be marketed as a product and garner additional funding. Research into creating the ultimate soldier who didn’t resist orders was carried out simultaneously on Las Plagas and P30.

Unfortunately, the latter had a severe drawback. The effects of P30 would only last for a very short time. An injection of P30 was metabolised and expelled by the body at an expeditious rate requiring re-administration of the drug at frequent intervals. This greatly lessened the viability of such a product as a long-term performance enhancer. The only counter to such a drawback was to attach a device to the subject that would continually administer the drug. The effects of continual administration were untested, so in order to research this aspect further an administration device was attached to Jill. The device was attached to her chest and would continually administer the drug to her body. Aware of her actions but unable to stop herself, Jill committed all manner of atrocities for Wesker and acted as a bodyguard to Ricardo Irving whilst he conducted illegal black market weapons deals.

In 2009, Jill infected an innocent villager with Uroboros to set a trap for the B.S.A.A. teams sent into Kijuju to arrest Irving. She later aided Irving’s evasion of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar several times until eventually they overpowered her in the ruins and were able to remove the control device from her chest. Weakened but now back to her old self, Jill was found by Josh Stone and together they fought through a satellite receiving station amidsta horde of Majini in order to get to a rescue helicopter. En route she found a radio room and provided Chris with vital information about a possible weakness to Wesker in the form of the PG67-AW serum.

Once airborne, Jill directed Josh to the Tricell tanker and from there they found the volcano where Chris and Wesker played out their final, climactic battle. Jill helped Chris and Sheva onto the helicopter and told them to use the rocket launchers which ultimately destroyed Wesker for good.

Upon her return from Africa, Jill was quarantined in a B.S.A.A. laboratory and underwent extensive tests to make sure she was free of any possible infection and to determine exactly what happened to her whilst under Wesker’s control. Although unable to see him in person, she wrote Barry Burton an e-mail asking about his family and his problems with Moira.

Shortly afterwards she began an extensive rehabilitation program and had her S.O.A. status removed for several years until fully recuperated. In 2011, she was aware Barry was looking for an excellent gunsmith and was impressed by Quint Cetcham’s skills after Jill had shown Barry her Samurai Edge A1. Jill contacted Quint and arranged a meeting between him and Barry that ultimately led to the development of the Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model Ver.II.

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