“K”, “S” & “M”

“K”, “S” and “M” are leading researchers working under Project Leader “A” and the Matchless Soldier Program. Due to the secrecy of  the research, their real identies and names are unknown. They also worked with fellow researcher “J”.

Their research focused on improving the Progenitor or T-Virus by activating the “non-death” cell within the human brain and in theory creating a form of immortality. 

It is unclear when the research began but the three were key in making substantial progress in the development of the MS-Virus. This included the development of a “mouse version” of the virus and two potential vaccines. 

At some point the three scientists as well as M’s husband began to have serious doubts about the work they were conducting and began to make contact with the F.B.I in exchange for protection from Umbrella. They even approached “A” himself about handing over evidence themselves, but he declined.

Fearing retaliation, the three attempt to flee the city themselves with crucial evidence as the T-Virus ravages Raccoon and “A” plans to bomb the laboratory to cover the research.

“K” never made it out of the Umbrella Storage Facility directly above the laboratory, but is able to communicate face to face with F.B.I Agent, Naomi McClain informing her of the other informants. At some point he was able to also contact Naomi’s predecessor too. 

“S” hides out in Raccoon City University and on 28 September contacts the local police station seeking help and assistance for other student survivors. Naomi picks up the trail and hands her the data disc contained evidence of the location of the MS-Virus and its research.

“M” and her husband seek refuge in Raccoon City Museum deciding that its safe may be the safest location to hide a stolen sample of the virus. They too set off the alarm to attract the attention of the F.B.I. Sadly for them, the U.S.S are also on their trail. Naomi locates “S” hiding in the restrooms and hands her a key to the vault. “M”‘s husband is later shot and killed by the Umbrella special forces.

Whilst all three were encountered and rescued of sorts by Naomi it is unclear as to whether they survived the bombing of Raccoon City.

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