Karena Lesproux “Lupo”

Karena LesProux was a member of the reassembled Umbrella Security Service Delta team codenamed ‘Wolfpack.’ She was squad leader and went by the code name ‘Lupo.’

She began her career in the French military before serving in their Special Forces. She retired from active service to concentrate on raising a family. She married, had children, and was all set to settle down to a happy life. However, Karena’s husband was a violent man and physically assaulted her. He was unaware of her military skills and she never retaliated, choosing to put up with it for the sake of her children. Time passed and Karena relied on her military
discipline to keep her family together.

But one day when her husband attacked one of their children, she finally snapped and killed him with her bare hands. Karena was convicted, but
ultimately spared jail and acquitted of murder by a sympathetic judge.

She tried to raise her children on her own, but as a single mother this proved to be no easy task. After struggling for several years, Karena decided to return to work, unable to shake her true nature as a soldier. Her military skills allowed her to gain some work as an independent contractor, hiring herself out to various organisations as a mercenary. The money she earned from these jobs allowed her to provide a better life for her children. Eventually her talents caught the eye of the Umbrella Corporation who hired her into their ranks. Whilst military mercenaries are normally assigned to the U.B.C.S., Karena’s remarkable talents earned her a place in the coveted U.S.S. unit where she became a member of Delta Team, a vacant unit needing to be backfilled following the previous team’s demise during the disastrous attempt to reclaim the Ecliptic Express.

Karena signed a lucrative contract with Umbrella who rated her skills highly. Her new found wealth enabled her children to be cared for by the best doctors and educated at the best schools, for as long as she remained alive. With her leadership skills, she was placed in command of the unit which later became known as Wolfpack. She treated the other members of the team like her own children and this earned her the nick name of ‘Wolf Mother’ and helped build up a strong bond, yet she required the same strict levels of obedience and discipline. She was also an expert in assault tactics and wore a visor over her face with a ultra-violet light system.

In September 1998, she led Delta Team into the ruins of Raccoon City to kill any survivors and destroy any evidence implicating Umbrella’s involvement in the incident. But after several successful missions which included destroying incriminating documents in City Hall and repairing the malfunctioning Nemesis T-Type, Wolfpack were abandoned by Umbrella for their failure to eliminate Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield and were left to rot in the city. Karena used her leadership skills to keep the unit together and they eliminated dozens of B.O.W.s and kept themselves alive long enough for Umbrella Command to re-establish contact. They were ordered to William Birkin’s underground laboratory to dispose of several spies and had run ins and fire-fights with Ada Wong, Leon, Claire and U.S. Government forces. But whether Karena or any of her unit made it out of Raccoon City alive has never been documented.

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