Lisa Trevor

Lisa was born in 1953 as the only child to Jessica and George Trevor. George was a famous New York Architect who designed and constructed the mansion in Raccoon Forest for Oswell E. Spencer. As a token of thanks to Trevor, Spencer had a large stained-glass portrait of Lisa commissioned which sat pride of place in the mansion art room. Lisa’s beautiful looks and long, flowing dark hair was accompanied by her wearing an orange bracelet, a purple necklace and a green crown. These decorations were a clue to solving one of the many puzzles that filled the estate and the painting was inscribed: ‘Lisa: Protected by the three spirits.’

Not long after the building was completed, Spencer invited the Trevor family over to stay. George was still away on business and was delayed so Lisa and her mother set off alone and arrived on the evening of November 10th, 1967. Lisa was a skilled piano player and performed Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on Spencer’s grand piano, much to the delight of their host. However, Spencer had sinister plans for the Trevor girls and they were later captured and administered varying strains of the Progenitor Virus. Jessica was given Type A but her body could not cope with the effects and she later died. Lisa was given Type B and her body fused with the virus and she was kept alive as a specimen, albeit in great pain and suffering.

Lisa’s mental state deteriorated almost immediately and she was in constant search for her mother. Whenever she found a female that didn’t match her mother’s face she would rip it off and wear it on top of her own. She was used as a guinea pig for numerous viral experiments over a period of 20 years and her body withstood them all, resulting in a curious side-effect of her becoming practically immortal. Whilst other test subjects died after repeated injection, Lisa continued to live and this made her the ideal subject to test new virus strains on. When Wesker and Birkin transferred to Arklay in 1978, she was used as a guinea pig for the t-Virus project. By that time nobody knew who she was and her records were sealed. No one thought to enquire about her welfare and she was no longer recognised as a human being, she was merely a tool for the research to flourish. She was referred to as ‘bastard’ by the researchers.
In 1988 she was used as a test subject for an experiment where the American research team wanted to try and monopolise the Nemesis Project from their European counterparts. She was given the NE-α parasite which until that point had killed every one of its hosts within five minutes of implantation, but Lisa completely absorbed the parasite and survived, leading to the discovery of the G-Virus inside her.

Lisa was severely deformed and her true face was mostly hidden beneath her collection of face masks she wore out of withered human skin. Her skull became exposed through the flesh and her nose had completely sunken into her face. Her mouth and gums had receded, revealing rotten teeth and one of her eyes was missing. She also had a crooked spine and developed a hunchback, a curious effect brought about by the Nemesis Parasite latching onto her spinal cord and bending and twisting it over time. Whenever she was in danger or attacking other people, numerous tentacles would sprout from her face and body; another sign of the Nemesis Parasite doing its work. In addition to all this she developed a huge tumour on her back with an eyeball; a typical trait of G-Virus infection. She was dressed in a tattered old hospital gown in a bid to conceal her hideous form and samples of her contaminated DNA were used to further develop the G-Virus over time.

The various treatments she had received over the years had developed her natural immune system to the extent that she was practically invulnerable. She was impervious to all forms of gunfire and even lethal injection failed to dispose of her. Intelligence wise her mind had regressed to that of an infant. By now it was doubtful she could remember her name or anything about herself other than her eternal quest to find her mother. Due to her extremely abnormal physiology, Lisa survived a euthanasia attempt in 1995 and was bound in chains and wooden shackles then left to wander an isolated part of the tunnel system beneath the Arklay estate. For three years she wandered the halls as if nothing had happened, still searching endlessly for her mother. She was still capable of basic speech though her main method of communication was to wail and bang her chains around. However, she did retain enough faculties to build a crude home beneath an abandoned cabin and fill it with dolls and childhood memories. She would attack others by swiping her hands and using her wooden shackles as a club.

During the 1998 biohazard at the mansion, Lisa managed to get out of confinement and into the living areas of the estate, encountering the S.T.A.R.S. members several times. She was first thought to have perished when she finally recovered the skull of Jessica from the crypt and flung herself off into a chasm. But again she survived and crawled back up to ground level. She later encountered Albert Wesker and began to stalk him across the grounds, perhaps recognising his face as one of those who had experimented on her all those years ago. Eventually, she was pinned down by a fallen chandelier then engulfed by the explosion that destroyed the mansion. Lisa Trevor was never heard from again and finally her long suffering was at an end.

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