Lucas Baker

Lucas Baker was a dangerous, deranged psychopath who grew up mentally unstable and progressively became worse as he got older. In 2014 he and his family became embroiled in a biohazard incident when an E-Series bioweapon known as ‘Eveline’ got loose on the Baker estate in Dulvey, Louisiana. Later, Lucas developed ties with notorious criminal organisation ‘The Connections’, the creators of Eveline, and provided situation and progress reports on their escaped asset. He did this for over two years, all whilst studying the mold and at the same time developing his own interests.

Lucas was the oldest child of Jack and Marguerite Baker and was impressively intelligent. From infancy he developed a keen interest in robotics and engineering, an unusual hobby for a child his age. At the age of just six he received an honourable mention in an amateur robotics championship in 1998. He also went on to finish 3rd and 2nd place in two junior engineering contests.

This combination of Lucas’ uncanny intelligence matched with his often unusual and eccentric behaviour saw Marguerite be concerned enough to take him to the hospital for a brain scan. But nothing of any concern was revealed and Marguerite bought Lucas a 259-piece jigsaw puzzle as a reward for being good.

For a young child, Lucas was excessively paranoid and hated the way other kids teased him about his behaviour. His friend, Oliver, had heard of Lucas’ trip to the hospital and branded him a ‘crazy head.’ Lucas took exception to this and decided to punish Oliver by inviting him round for a faux birthday party. Without Jack, Marguerite, or his sister Zoe knowing, Lucas callously locked Oliver in the attic inside his bedroom, shutting him inside via remote control. Oliver screamed and begged to be let out but Lucas ignored him and even changed the remote control so Zoe couldn’t go inside the attic. He melded the new remote control with one of his inventor’s contest trophies so she could never find it. After several days, Oliver’s pleading and crying died down and he eventually starved to death and died. Lucas changed the remote control from the attic again as Oliver’s decomposing corpse began to drip through the ceiling. Although nothing was ever proven and Oliver’s disappearance was never solved by the authorities, rumours of what happened began to follow Lucas around and became known as a ‘bad seed’ within the local Dulvey parishes. People stayed away from him and these rumours also affected the Baker family who until then had enjoyed a quiet, reserved reputation.

Lucas also had a tempestuous relationship with his father and aspects of his deranged behaviour was attributed to Jack becoming violent with him whenever he got drunk. But like his dad, he was also a big fan of American football and had posters all over his room. Lucas also struggled to build relationships and was quite isolated with no friends. As a result he never had a girlfriend and this again only added to his bitterness towards others.

In October 2014, Dulvey was caught up in the midst of a hurricane that devastated much of the local area. Lucas was having a particularly bad week at the time, beginning when Jack slapped him across the face for checking his phone at dinner. He was then yelled at for criticising Marguerite’s cooking and Zoe called him a pervert when she caught him watching her doing yoga in her room. Things came to a head when Jack got drunk again and locked Lucas’ stuff in the red box out on the veranda. Lucas was so wound up he took to venting his frustrations out in his journal on his laptop.

A few days later, Lucas was out in the bayou in the aftermath of the storm and discovered the wreck of the LNG Annabelle, a large tanker that The Connections were using to secretly transport Eveline and her two handlers, Mia Winters and Alan Droney. He told his father and Jack went out to the wreck and brought Mia and Eveline back to the house. Later that night, Eveline got loose and began infecting the family one by one, secreting a psychotropic mold-like compound that rendered the infectant highly susceptible to control. Once under, Jack and Marguerite quickly incapacitated Lucas and dragged him into his old bedroom so Eveline could infect him with the mold. Over the next few weeks, Lucas’ experienced sickness, visions, and hallucinations of Eveline and soon his infection progressed from stage 1 to stage 2 and he became completely under Eveline’s control.

Like the rest of the family, Eveline restricted Lucas’ infection to stage 2 so he retained his human form and would carry out her absolute bidding. Over time the family began to abduct local strangers and reports of missing people soon began to flood the area. The Bakers retreated from public sight completely and soon they were declared missing themselves. Rumours of their demise were unfounded, but the parishes again whispered about Lucas, the ‘bad seed’ of the family.

Whilst all this was going on, The Connections were searching for their missing bio-weapon and tracked her location to the Baker estate. By now Eveline had gone without her treatment for a significant period of time and was too dangerous to approach. But she was also content in a new, secure family environment that she craved so much. This provided a unique opportunity for study and instead the organisation decided to monitor Eveline and gather more data. In January 2015, the company approached Lucas alone and injected him with an experimental serum that reduced his Mold infection from Stage 2 to stage 1. This meant he retained his regenerative capabilities but was free of Eveline’s control. But so long as he continued to play along, she would be none the wiser. In exchange for this gift, Lucas agreed to provide progress reports on Eveline back to The Connections.

In November 2015 he decided to lock Mia Winters up in the cell of the Guest House basement after her outbursts became too violent. He thought this action might infuriate Eveline but she did not seem to react. Over the course of the next year Lucas continued to file status reports back to The Connections whilst at the same time continuing to work with the other Bakers to capture local people to add to Eveline’s family. Anyone unsuitable were either converted into Molded or killed. Occasionally Lucas kept one of the captives as a plaything to satisfy his own sadistic tendencies. He had converted the barn next to the main house into a twisted labyrinth of sadistic traps and games for his unsuspecting victims.

In August 2016, Lucas noticed a change in Eveline, noting how she suddenly began to rapidly age and increased in vomiting more of the mold, contaminating most of the main house basement. Eventually Eveline stabilised again but now had the appearance of an elderly woman. The Connections supplied Lucas with the E-Necrotoxin serum should she ever get out of control. He also noted how she was making the family kidnap even more people to add to her family, although none ever made the cut and were all converted into Molded creatures. Lucas insisted this was a constant irritant as it always fell to him to clean up the mess.

By 2017, a research team from The Connections had arrived on site and established a small research facility in a section of the nearby abandoned Abercrombie Salt Mines. They studied samples of the Mold bacterium and worked with Lucas to develop a new variant of Molded creature, known as ‘White Molded.’ The whole operation was extremely delicate as the Baker estate and mine area fell right in the epicentre of where missing persons’ cases were still being reported. The local state police increased patrols and the Bakers received several visits from the local sheriff, yet they never engaged and maintained the façade that their estate was abandoned.

In June, the ranch was visited by the ‘Sewer Gators’, a small internet-based show about abandoned buildings and haunted places. The small production team explored the guest house and were attacked by Mia and Jack Baker. The cameraman, Clancy Jarvis, was initially kept alive as Eveline showed an interest in him becoming a new, potential ‘brother’, but after Clancy failed to co-operate he was given to Lucas as a plaything. He forced Clancy and another captive named Hoffman to play cards, subjecting the loser to vicious torture via digit amputation and electric shocks. Hoffman was killed in this game and Lucas lied to Clancy about setting him free. He later locked him inside the ‘party room’; an elaborate puzzle designed as a series of challenges for Clancy to complete that would allow him to add a lit candle to a birthday cake. But the puzzle was rigged and upon successful completion, the cake exploded and flames ignited flammable liquid that had spilled across the floor. Clancy was burned alive and his screams of agony were savoured by Lucas who later came down to taunt his charred corpse.

It was also around this time that The Connections decided to replace their head researcher on the White Molded project with Lucas thanks to his first-hand experiences with the bacterium. The former lead was incensed that the organisation could replace him, a Stanford graduate in microbiology, with a deranged psychopath such as Lucas, especially as all he ever did was mess around with the test subjects, making them all fight each other and perform unnecessary autopsies. The researcher planned to report Lucas’ behaviour to HQ at the next scheduled meeting but he would never get the chance to do so.

After understanding the potential of the mold bacterium, Lucas decided to make his own plans and planned to sever ties with The Connections after deciding he was the only person who could make proper use of the Mold. He made contact with an undisclosed organisation to sell them the E-Series data. Lucas soon discovered the researchers working under him had been snooping around where they were not supposed to behind his back and so he killed all The Connections’ personnel by locking them all in a cage with the experimental White Molded. Lucas took great pleasure watching them all beg for their lives before being eviscerated. Lucas planned to report back to Connections’ HQ that they had all met with an unfortunate accident.

All these events culminated in the arrival of Ethan Winters to the Baker estate on July 19th 2017. Ethan was the husband of Mia and had arrived following a mysterious e-mail he had allegedly received from his wife that was actually written under the desire of Eveline who wanted to review Ethan as a potential new family member. He was subsequently killed by Jack Baker but was seemingly resurrected by the Mold and joined the Bakers at the dinner table under duress. Here Lucas taunted Ethan and threw rotten food at him. He also demonstrated his remarkable regenerative powers when Jack severed his arm off completely with a knife. As the night’s events progressed, Ethan began to interest Eveline more and more and she saw him as a replacement daddy for Jack, just as Mia would once again become her mommy and replace Marguerite. Jack knew this and relentlessly pursued Ethan to get rid of this threat to his family unit, but an unclouded Lucas knew exactly what was happening and kidnapped Mia to lure Ethan into a trap. He also kidnapped Zoe who he knew had been trying to help Ethan.

Lucas enticed Ethan into the barn and tried to catch him out using tripwires and explosives before forcing him into a battle test with a new, fat-Molded variant. He also confessed to desperately needing a girlfriend and asked Ethan to find him one. A little earlier, Lucas had expressed his frustration to Ethan over his sister trying to find the D-Series components to craft a serum for the infection so they could all escape this place. But he was happy with his life and did not want to turn the clock back and go back to the way things were before Eveline and Mia were originally found. He enjoyed torturing and killing people. He also enjoyed his new-found powers and demonstrated by using a pair of pliers to rip off his fingernails without feeling any pain or after-effects.

Eventually, he successfully lured Ethan into the ‘Party Room’, intending him to suffer the same fate as Clancy, but he was unaware Ethan had watched the recorded footage of Clancy’s escape attempt and therefore knew how to solve the puzzle without igniting the whole room in flames. Enraged, Lucas dropped dynamite into the room and was forced to flee when Ethan used it to blow a hole in the wall and escape.

Lucas later fled to the mines, and with his family dead and both Ethan and the recently arrived Umbrella Corporation PMC on his tail, he decided to cut and run. But first he needed to return to the mines and send all the compiled E-Series data to his buyers. They were known only as ‘Fuckin’ Company’ on his phone contacts.

To buy himself more time, he had also laced the labyrinthine route to the research facility with traps to ensnare the pursuing Umbrella soldiers. He captured and incapacitated three of Umbrella’s best operatives, placing two of them in traps and using the third as bait to lure in the chasing Chris Redfield and attach a bomb to his arm. Chris was working with Umbrella on B.O.W. related missions as a specialist in an agreed partnership with the B.S.A.A. Lucas threatened Chris not to follow him but Chris ignored the threats and pressed deeper into the mine, despite literally having a ticking time-bomb on his arm. Lucas took great delight in killing all three of the Umbrella soldiers and taunted Chris that he enjoyed every second of making them suffer. He then thought he disposed of Chris by detonating the shield machine with Redfield trapped inside, but Chris had managed to get out just in time and tracked Lucas to The Connections’ research facility.

Lucas had sent an e-mail to his buyers insisting that Redfield and Umbrella had been taken care of and began sending the E-Series data across. But Chris confronted Lucas and shot him with a ramrod round; special ammunition designed for use against mold-based biological weapons. The bullet secreted a toxin that rapidly destroyed the fungal cell membranes and also prevented regeneration of lost tissue. The result caused Lucas to mutate into a strange creature and after a final battle, Chris blew his head off with his shotgun. He then destroyed Lucas’ computer server, preventing the E-Series data from reaching its intended destination.

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