Marhawa Acadmey

Marhawa is Asia’s largest private academy and is located in in the isolated forest region of Ellnaul in Northern Kudahnkan, under the jurisdiction of Prime Minster Enoell and the Kudahnkan government. The campus is purposefully situated rurally to afford maximum privacy and is several hours drive away from the nearest town. The entire complex is completely surrounded by high perimeter fencing and blanketed on all sides by thick, dense jungle and several small lakes. Numerous trails run through the trees and a rich abundance of wildlife populates the area.

There is no landline installed at the school and no mobile phone signal, meaning contact could only be made via internet communication or letter. The
school day runs from 8am – 4pm and students are enrolled from Elementary School age and remain on site until adulthood. Their seclusion ensures they
are well sheltered from the evils of the world and they grow up oblivious to the natural cruelties of life.

The school is completely self-sustaining and its students had no dealings with the wider world and were often fascinated on the rare occasion the academy was visited by ‘outsiders’. The school is exclusively for the elite and labelled as a ‘garden to grow the leaders of tomorrow.’ Tuition fees are astronomical and only the super-rich could afford to send their children. The boys dressed in crisp white suits and the girls in matching dresses branding the Marhawa logo. In later years the school was owned by the father of Gracia Delenikas and in just a single generation he transformed the institute into one of the world’s premier academies. He had eight children of his own but when he died it was Gracia he deemed best suited to be his successor. At first she did not understand why she had been chosen and felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of the position she now held. However, she soon began to revel in the idea of all these young elites swearing absolute fealty to her and she made it her mission to protect her father’s legacy at all costs. The isolated environment and exclusive nature of Marhawa Academy makes students develop an abnormal thought process regarding the concept of ‘outsiders’.

On campus Gracia was perceived as an unquestionable authority – not unlike a ruler in an absolute monarchy. The school was strictly governed by the prefects and senior students were elected School Council President and Vice-President respectively. The layout of Marhawa consisted of four main areas:

The entrance block comprises of the main gate, motor pool and various security and administration offices. Also here is the main cathedral towering over the rest of the site. This marvel of neo-classical architecture has two large spires and was the centrepiece of the whole academy. Students gather for ceremonies and religious prayer here and Gracia also make her address to the entire school from this location. To the left of the entrance block is the sports and games block, housing the flood-lit sports and athletics field. Also here is the gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool and old clubhouse. La Cross is the game of choice for the students here.

The next block is the main teaching area where numerous buildings contain classrooms and the various teaching departments and faculties. All these buildings surround a central parking lot. The final block is the residential block with various apartment buildings where the staff and student live. There is also a guest accommodation for outsiders, a canteen, infirmary and numerous shops and stalls. Beneath ground level is an extensive basement full of generators, pipes and automated machinery. The underground control room is inspected once every month. At the back of the control room is a hatch leading to an emergency helicopter. The code to enter the hangar is ‘1017’. Once ready to take off, a hydraulic lift elevates the helicopter landing pad to the surface where it emerges in the middle of the sports field. Also underground is a comprehensive sewer network and water channel. In 2012 Marhawa was engulfed in a biohazard outbreak and all students and staff were killed.

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