Monster Maria

Monster Maria was the result of Glenn Arias experimenting on his friend Mario Gomez alongside her husband, Diego following a US attack on Arias’ wedding. Maria was badly injured and lost the sight in her right eye. Arias ensured she received reconstructive surgery and given a number of physical and mental enhancements. She was essentially reborn as a biological weapon but the effects had left her cold and devoid of all emotion. She would not speak unless she had to and only showed any kind of compassion when in the presence of her father who himself was now a biological weapon having been physically enhanced with a combination of the t-Virus and the A-Virus.

Maria became a trained assassin, skilled in stealth techniques, combat and firearms.

In 2014 she infiltrated Alexander Institute of Research and Biotechnology in Chicago and leaked the A-Virus in an attempt to kill Rebecca Chambers. She also callously murdered Rebecca’s friend and colleague, Aaron.

Monster Maria was one of the rare individuals that was able to adapt nearly perfectly to the t-Virus and/or it’s variants retaining her humanity albeit at a cost. 

Following the terrorist attack led by Arias in 2014, Monster Maria remains alive, seeking revenge on the death of her father.

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