Maria Gomez

Maria Gomez was a young, beautiful and intelligent woman. She idolised her father who had brought her up alone. Little is known of her personal and professional life but in the early 2010s she attended the wedding of businessman Glenn Arias and his sweetheart Sarah. Unfortunately Arias was a target for the U.S. Government due to his involvement in black market arms trafficking and the outdoor wedding ceremony was bombed in an assassination attempt. All of the wedding guests and the bride Sarah were killed, leaving Arias, Diego and Maria as the only survivors.

 Maria was badly injured and lost the sight in her right eye. Arias ensured she received reconstructive surgery and given a number of physical and mental enhancements.

Maria became a trained assassin, skilled in stealth techniques, combat and firearms. In 2014 she infiltrated Alexander Institute of Research and Biotechnology in Chicago and leaked the A-Virus in an attempt to kill Rebecca Chambers. She also callously murdered Rebecca’s friend and colleague, Aaron.

The next day Maria and Diego took a platoon of armed mercenaries to a retreat in the Colorado Mountains where they had tracked Rebecca and Chris Redfield to a remote location where they were meeting with D.S.O. agent, Leon S. Kennedy. Maria coldly killed a staff member before ambushing and abducting Rebecca in the rest room. Arias had changed his mind about killing Rebecca after he learned of her uncanny resemblance to his late wife. Under his orders, Maria and Diego transported Rebecca back to Arias’ hideout in New York. Their other target, a former Los Illuminados envoy named Patricio, was successfully eliminated.

Later that day, Arias unleashed the A-Virus across New York, transforming thousands of people into zombies. Maria was on the ground, riding in one of the tanker trucks that was dispersing the stage 2 Trigger Virus into the air where it would mix with the latent virus already inside everyone who had drunk contaminated water.

Maria was badly injured when a B.S.A.A. Osprey flown by D.C. and Nadia firebombed the truck she was in. But although thought to have been killed, Maria survived the attack and returned to Arias’ penthouse only to learn her father had been killed. Swearing silent revenge, Maria slipped away into the shadows and was never seen


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