Marissa Ronson “Tweed”

Marissa Ronson was born in the south of England and grew up with a quick wit and a quick tongue. She was not afraid to speak her mind and suffered no fools.

Ronson was an intelligent woman who successfully gained a position within the British Secret Service, becoming an expert with explosives, demolitions and heavy weaponry. She was a boyish, highly trained recon specialist with an immense sense of pride. She had a sharp and witty tongue, often to a fault and her mouth sometimes landed her in trouble with her superiors, although her overall service was exemplary.

Some years later, an operation she participated in involving a bomb removal went terribly wrong and she barely survived. The incident left her physically injured and mentally scarred. She went AWOL and was eventually discharged from the service. But after recovering from her ordeal, her talents were still recognised by others and she was hand-picked by the U.S. Government to join their Spec Ops field unit program because of her unparalleled expertise in demolitions. She was seconded to Echo Six under the command of Crispin ‘Dee Ay’ Jettingham and was given the call sign of ‘Tweed.’

In September 1998 was sent into Raccoon City to uncover the origins of the biohazard that had contaminated the whole town. Once inside the infested city they met with heavy resistance at the hands of Umbrella’s various B.O.W.s and also faced off against the ‘Wolfpack’ U.S.S. team led by Karena LesProux. Whilst searching for survivors they came across the Nemesis T-Type, and it was Ronson’s heavy weaponry that was able to drive it off long enough for former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine to escape. It is unknown if Marissa Ronson survived Raccoon City as records remain incomplete.

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