Mega Bite / Giga Bite

The Mega bite was the result of a common flea becoming secondarily infected by the t-Virus thanks to increased contaminants flushed into Raccoon City’s sewer network from the P-12A Incinerator Facility and the underground lab. The fleas sucked the blood from infected bodies and like most arthropod-insects, the t-Virus caused them to grow to roughly 100 times their original size.

A Mega Bite’s diet was comprised exclusively of blood and they would attach themselves to their prey in order to gain access to an ample amount. Once it had its fill, the Mega Bite would swell in size from roughly one foot to two meters. It no longer craved food and instead would try and abduct prey and return it to the nest where the queen ‘Giga Bite’ resided. Mega Bites had an impressive jumping ability and if they sensed a threat to the Giga Bite, they displayed an unusual trait of curling up into a ball and rolling at any aggressor to try and crush them to death.

They were also poisonous and secreted a toxin whilst sucking their prey’s blood in an attempt to paralyse them. Like a normal flea, a bite from a Mega Bite would cause swelling and an intense itching sensation.

The Giga Bite was the flea at the head of the social structure. It had a unique mutation that caused it to grow to a huge size and it took control of the entire flea colony. It made its nest in one of the subway tunnels and controlled an army of Mega Bites it used to defend itself. There was only ever one recorded specimen.

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