The Megalodon was an extremely large shark based B.O.W created by Dylan Blake using an enhanced strain of the T-Virus in or around 2016.

It’s purpose was unclear, however this shark was an intended creation suggesting it had some practical use in the ongoing development of the T-Virus and Dylan’s specific plans.

Like other shark based B.O.Ws and fish generally, the addition of the T-Virus has limited effects on its host compared to other creatures. Like the Neptune B.O.W before it, the natural predatory instincts of the shark are greatly enhanced with the Megalodon knowing to feed off the local Orca population of Southern California.

It is presumed that the Megalodon was originally a Great White Shark or other relative of it. Unlike the Neptune, the Megalodon did see a significant size increase and in doing so, the Megalodon name was appropriately given, itself a prehistoric predatory shark, 4x larger than modern day White Sharks.

As Orca carcasses began to wash up on shore, investigations by the NGO, Terrasave commenced, leading to member Claire Redfield to the island of Alcatraz where Dylan was planning his revenge. As stipulated, it is unclear as to the creatures main purpose as despite the clandestine operations by Dylan and his team on the island, it remained a popular tourist attraction, with daily boat trips and visits to the famous prison.

During Claire’s investigation into the creature, she teamed up with her brother, Chris Redfield, Raccoon City survivors Leon S Kennedy, Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers in attempting to arrest bio-terrorist, Dylan Blake. When faced with incarceration, Dylan injected himself with his enhanced T-Virus strain falling into the sea.

At that point, the Megalodon sensed blood and ate its creator. However, upon doing so, the now mutating Dylan was able to fuse with the shark and in the process becoming a new creature altogether, Monster Dylan. Despite this impressive feat, the new creature was successfully neutralised by Jill, Leon, Claire, Chris and Rebecca. No other known Megalodon’s have been recorded since.

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