Mia Winters

Mia Winters was an agent working for The Connections; a mysterious organisation involved in arms trafficking, drugs, weapons research and money laundering. They also had a history of developing illegal biological weapons based on the discovery of a special fungal bacterium and once worked cooperatively alongside the rival company.

Mia was employed by The Connections in 2010 and at the time was in a happy relationship with her fiancé Ethan Winters. They married a year later in 2011 and lived in Texas, although Ethan was unaware of Mia’s employment with The Connections for obvious reasons. She was friendly, cheerful and enjoyed her life, although understandably she was away for months at a time with her work.

Mia was involved in the bio-weapons division in the creation of the E-Series assets; a new form of human biological weapon using mind control via chemical transference of psychotropic compounds.

The asset in question was named Eveline and was the culmination of a program that dated all the way back to 1999. Mia’s role was as one of two handlers designed to supervise Eveline during transport. Mia was always equipped with a serum to immunising her to Eveline’s mental control and a special Genome Codex turned to the asset’s biochemistry. For further protection, Eveline had an imprint protocol identifying Mia as her ‘mom’ based on her desire for a family.

In October 2014, The Connections received reliable intelligence that Eveline was at risk of abduction by rival corporations and an order was sent out to transfer the asset to the organisation’s Central American branch for safe keeping until further notice. To avoid being detected, Mia, and Alan Droney – Eveline’s other handler, posed as her parents and hitched a lift on board the LNG Annabelle; a large haulage tanker designed for shipping liquefied natural gas travelling through the Gulf of Mexico. Whilst on the journey, Mia sent video messages to Ethan explaining how much she missed him and how she ‘could not wait to be done with this babysitting job.’ But as the journey progressed the weather worsened and the ship got caught up in a large storm and hurricane that was sweeping through the area.

At some point, Alan let his guard down and Eveline managed to break loose, causing chaos and vomiting up bio-matter which quickly developed into a highly toxic psychotropic mold. Creatures known as ‘Molded’ began to appear and a majority of the crew were killed in the confusion. Alan was also infected and Mia desperately tried to use her codex to track Eveline down, knowing her biological imprint would keep her safe. In the end, Eveline killed Alan after he disrespected her and infected Mia with the bacterium. Mia tried to send Ethan one last message apologising for her lies and warning him to stay away but he would never receive it.

The Annabelle was blown off course by the hurricane and ended up shipwrecked in the bayous of Louisiana. The natural gas ignited and several explosions destroyed the vessel, blowing Mia overboard in the process.

She was later found by Jack Baker and brought back to his farm. Mia slipped in and out of consciousness and insisted she stay in the trailer in the garden and not the main house. She also carried components from a petrified D-Series asset that could be used to create a serum to counteract the effects of the Mold. She desperately tried to warn the Bakers not to investigate the ship wreck and to stay away from any little girls, but her letter went unread. Eveline was ultimately found and brought back to the plantation where one by one she took control of the Baker family.

In the following weeks and months, The Connections searched and located Eveline, but were forced to observe from a distance as she was now too powerful to approach unchecked. They set up a base in the nearby abandoned salt mines and contacted Lucas Baker, providing him a serum that released him from Eveline’s control. Lucas was not fully inoculated and was reduced to stage 1 of the mold infection, meaning he kept his regenerative abilities but now retained his own free will. In exchange for this, he remained in contact with The Connections and provided progress reports on Eveline in her new family environment.

Over the next year, Mia displayed incredibly erratic behaviour and displays of violence. Eveline’s hold over her was unstable because of the parental imprint and so in November 2015 Lucas decided to lock her up in a cell in the Guest House. Eveline still treated Mia as her mommy and would go and visit her. She remained locked up for the next two years though was occasionally let out to assist the others in capturing locals to add to the family or intruders that ventured too close to the estate.

In June 2017 she attacked and killed Pete Walken from the Sewer Gators team and also stabbed cameraman Clancy Jarvis in the leg.

One month later, under the influence of Eveline, Mia sent an e-mail to her husband, Ethan, telling him where she was being held and for him to come and find her. Ethan reached the estate on July 19th and found Mia in her cell. She was dazed and confused to see him, insisting she had never sent him any e-mail. As they tried to leave, she became frightened and insisted ‘daddy was coming.’ She later disappeared completely only to reappear in a deranged state. Her eyeballs turned black as though she was possessed and she threw Ethan around with tremendous strength. All this was down to the influence of Eveline who was unimpressed that Ethan was trying to take her mommy away and this made her believe that he did not want to be her new daddy, therefore he could die. Mia attacked Ethan with a knife and he was forced to defend himself by killing her with an axe. But thanks to her infection, Mia had regenerative abilities and her wounds healed. She stabbed him through the hand with a screwdriver and later severed it off completely with a chainsaw. Their fight only concluded when Ethan was forced to shoot her having found a handgun up in the attic.

Mia seemed to regain her humanity for just a brief moment and told Ethan that she loved him before collapsing to the floor. Jack Baker then dragged Ethan and Mia’s unconscious forms back to the main house amidst a driving rainstorm. Ethan was placed to have a meal with his new family after being exposed to the mold himself and Mia was left alone. A short time later she escaped outside and tried to record Ethan a message apologising for her lies and that she couldn’t expect anything from him. She tried to say that she wasn’t herself when she attacked him and that there was so much he needed to know, but she was chased by Marguerite who later cornered her in a crawlspace beneath the old house.

Later still she was captured by Lucas Baker who tied her up in the old boathouse alongside his sister, Zoe. When Ethan eventually found them, he had followed Zoe’s instruction to create a serum to counteract the effects of the Mold using the D-Series components. But following one last attack from Jack Baker there was only one shot of the serum left and Ethan ultimately chose to save his wife. He and Mia left the plantation via boat and he demanded answers from her but she could not remember much of anything. Eveline took exception of them trying to leave and captured Ethan and dragged him into the husk of the LNG Annabelle still beached in the marshlands. Mia went inside to find him, avoiding Molded and experiencing visions of an increasingly frustrated Eveline who wanted them to be a family again.

Mia’s amnesia had left her disorientated so Eveline made her watch old footage of what occurred three years prior on the Annabelle to make her remember who she was. But with her memory restored, Mia insisted she and Eveline would never be a family and set off to rescue her husband who had been cocooned in the Mold behind the engine room. Once Ethan was free, Mia locked herself in the room and prepared to suffer the consequences of defying Eveline, but not before handing over her tissue samples to Ethan for him to constrict the E-Necrotoxin and hopefully kill her. Although she expected to die, Mia was later found by an Umbrella Corporation retrieval team and evacuated. She was later reunited with Ethan after Chris Redfield had aided him in destroying Eveline for good.

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