Michaela Schneider “Bertha”

Michaela Schneider was born in Germany and grew up with a perverse fascination over the potential and limitations of the human body. She educated and specialised in biology and physiology and quickly found employment in the medical profession and later the military. She soon built up an almost unsurpassed knowledge of the human body, dedicated to healing and maintaining it to function at maximum potential. But her talent in this area often overshadowed her sadistic dark side.

She developed a personality disorder and enjoyed scaring her patients and her training and knowledge allowed her to inflict high levels of pain, pushing the human body to its very limit of tolerance.

Whilst working on patients, Michaela very rarely used aesthetic if she could help it, such was her disregard for human life and she often showed delight at the writing agony of her victims. The origins of her dark side remain murky, but it is likely related to her medical training and before long she was discharged from the military. Michaela made a few unsuccessful attempts at reintegrating into society but found it tough-going. Her personality disorder made her unsuitable for civilian work but she found employment as a professional torturer-for-hire, and worked with many underworld organisations. Her training had allowed her to develop many unique and efficient interrogation techniques enabling her to cause profound levels of pain in her subjects but without actually killing them, then allowing her to repeat the process until the information she needed was extracted. Much of her work has been classified top secret due to its unethical nature, but she got results.

Her talents soon caught the eyes of those working for Umbrella’s paramilitary units who decided she would make an excellent field medic due to her lack of compassion and feeling. An inner strength and lack of sensitivity would make her extremely effective in the field. The fact she had very low morals and ethics made her a suitable candidate for the darker side of the corporation. In 1998, she was integrated into the U.S.S. Delta Team which had been reconstructed after the previous unit had been wiped out during the Ecliptic Express incident. She was assigned as a field medic under the command of Karena LesProux and her code-name was ‘Bertha.’

On September 23rd, 1998, Michaela and the rest of Wolfpack were deployed into Raccoon City to assist the U.S.S. Alpha Team recover a G-Virus sample from Dr. William Birkin. The resulting incursion mission was a disaster as Birkin injected himself with the virus and went on a rampage, causing the t-Virus to be leaked into the sewers and spread by rats. Although Wolfpack survived and were successfully extracted, they were blamed for the botched operation and sent back into Raccoon City days later to destroy evidence linking Umbrella to the outbreak. Although surviving till the morning of September 30th at least, it is unknown whether Michaela made it out of Raccoon City alive. No records of her movements following the incident exist.

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