Miranda was a unique individual who through her contact with the Megamycete in Eastern Europe gained superhuman powers and attempted to use this to bring her long deceased daughter Eva, back to life. Through her Mold infection she became essentially immortal maintaining her youthful appearance despite being over 100 years old. Through this she was able to establish herself as a god like entity and took control of her small Village which she would use to try and fulfil her goal of resurrecting her daughter.

Miranda was born in the late 19th century although the exact date is unknown. In 1909 she gave birth to her daughter Eva of whom she cherished enormously. Unfortunately in 1919 the Spanish Flu pandemic hit the remote Village and many of its inhabitants succumbed to the virus. This included Eva who was buried in the cemetery outside Castle Dimitrescu.

In her grief Miranda sought to end her own life and ventured into an isolated cave to commit suicide. It was here that she encountered the Megamycete organism – a large super structure that had been growing underneath the Village for many, many years. Its origins are also unclear. Miranda touched the Megamycete and in doing so became infected with the fungus which would later go onto be named “Mold”. In doing so she experienced memories and feelings of long deceased individuals that the Mold had consumed over the years after they had been buried. Part of that included Eva and in that very moment Miranda’s grief was gone and replaced with a desire to resurrect her daughter, safe in the knowledge that her 10 year old memories were safely stored in the fungal system that she had discovered.

Fortuitously, Miranda bonded with the Mold on a cellular level – something that has not been seen since. Her affinity to the organism was unrivaled and she was bestowed with not only the knowledge of the Mold, but also super-human powers. This included near-immortality and maintenance of her youthful looks, super-human strength and resistance to firearms. She was also able to shape-shift into other people, perfectly mimicking their bodily structure and appearance including vocal assimilation. It can be presumed that she could only do this if she had the genetic information of that person such as a blood sample, or DNA. This enabled the Mold within Miranda to copy the information and transform as a result.

Now endowed with this power and a new desire and goal Miranda set about to study the fungus and its attributes to realise her dream. She first however used the Mold to infect villagers that were already close to death as a result of the Spanish Flu. This miraculously cured them of the disease and in doing so gained Miranda’s trust and loyalty. Over time, Miranda was able to influence all that resided in the Village and positioned herself as head of a cult. She was later dubbed “Mother Miranda” by the locals who now followed her.

With the Village under her command and by extension protection, Miranda was able to begin her studies into the Megamycete and its attributes within humans. Miranda set up laboratories underneath The Village as well as the ancient Ceremony Site that she had decided she would also use when the day came to resurrect Eva. Miranda theorised that she would need a suitable “vessel” – another adaptable human being that could effectively be implanted with the memories and knowledge of Eva and reborn as a human-mold hybrid. Trying to locate that suitable vessel would be Miranda’s life work.

The Mold itself was highly lethal and Miranda noted that delivery of the fungus was complicated. A breakthrough with this aspect was discovered by accident. Parasitic nematodes that were infected by Mold adapted well to the infection and created what Miranda dubbed the Cadou. The Cadou became the primary means of infection and helped deliver the Mold to the host quicker and more effectively. The Mold and parasite formed a symbioses relationship with the Mold thriving off the parasitic nature of the nematode to help spread the infection throughout a host’s body.

Miranda was delighted with the potential the Cadou showed and research would continue with this in tow. However, despite the improvement in infection it did not overly help with the general lack of adaptability. Hosts who were unable to adapt to the Cadou or have the necessary cranial affinity would mutate into a creature dubbed “Lycan”. These were werewolf like humanoids with a very basic, primordial existence. However, they were suitable intelligent to follow commands and orders and were compliant with Miranda especially. Throughout her experimentation, many Lycans were created and left to fend for themselves. Miranda allowed the Lycans to take over an old fortress which became their stronghold. Stories of werewolves soon spread amongst the Village townspeople as a result.

Miranda had more luck however with a group of 4 individuals all of whom descended from local nobility that originated in the Village and surrounding areas. All 4 were provided with the Cadou experiment over a number of years all of which had varying degrees of success. These four were Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, Donna Beneviento and Salvadore Moreau. Miranda noted that all reacted more favourably to the Cadou with Beneviento, Dimitrescu and Heisenberg all retaining their humanity and control over their Cadou to some degree. Only Moreau mutated into a monster-like creature – a somewhat unique reaction to someone deemed as having low brain affinity to the Mold.

Miranda allowed all 4 “Lords” access to the Cadou on the proviso that their experimentation assisted with the long term goal of locating a suitable vessel for Eva.

In the 1950’s Miranda encountered Lord Oswell E. Spencer after rescuing him in a snowstorm close to The Village. Miranda shared with Spencer his plans and the research she had been conducting on the Mold and Cadou. Spencer was seemingly inspired by this revelation and ability to exceed the usual parameters of humanity. Spencer rejected the idea of using a fungus to achieve such goals, instead believing a virus would achieve a greater power than what the Mold could already accomplish.

For decades the work of Miranda and the 4 Lords continued but with no avail. They kept themselves away from prying eyes with Miranda tolerant of the Lords’ methods in experimentation and the use of villagers as test subjects.

In 2000 Miranda was approached by the criminal syndicate, The Connections. It is possible that her location and information about the Mold was relayed to The Connections from its leader, Brandon Bailey of whom had worked very closely with Spencer in the discovery of the Progenitor Virus. Miranda agreed to the collaboration and sent The Connections a sample of the Mold along with an embryonic clone of Eva. This would later go onto be used in the development of the E-001 bioweapon dubbed Eveline that The Connections and H.C.F jointly created.

When Eveline was created, Miranda was invited by The Connections to view their product. Miranda left the safety of The Village and met with E-001 and her handlers, Mia Winters and Alan Droney. The precise date for this meeting is unknown.

In 2021 Miranda was told about the Dulvey Incident in which the E-001 bioweapon had escaped from her containment whilst being transported by The Connections. The resultant Mold outbreak had seen her handler Mia Winters and her husband Ethan Winters infected by the Mold albeit the artificiality tweaked variant known as Mutamycete that H.C.F had created using Miranda’s original sample. It is unknown who tipped off Miranda about this but the fact that two Mold infectees (even one’s who were seemingly free of infection thanks to medication) had conceived a child was an important development. Miranda was convinced therefore that Rosemary Winters, daughter to Mia and Ethan would be the ideal vessel to resurrect Eva.

Miranda needed to capture Rosemary and fortunately for her, to protect the Winters’ from The Connections, they had been moved into witness protection to Eastern Europe. In fact their new home was close enough to The Village whereby the wine produced by Alcina Dimitrescu was considered local. This piece of luck meant that Miranda was able to capture Mia on 3 February 2021 and imprison her in her secret laboratory. Miranda was now able to shape-shift into Mia and in doing so went back to Ethan and pretended to be his wife for the next few days.

During this time as Mia, Miranda’s knowledge of what had happened in Dulvey was extremely tainted. As Mia had not been killed, she could not access all of her memories and became extremely evasive when Ethan brought up the subject. She did however show her knowledge of local stories.

Ethan was oblivious to the deception but at some point her plot was foiled by Chris Redfield as part of the B.S.A.A and his newer Hound Wolf Squad Unit. On 8 February 2021, Chris and his team stormed the Winters’ house and dramatically gunned down Miranda. Ethan was horrified by the events especially as Chris was being somewhat evasive about the reality of the situation. Miranda however was not killed so easily and decided to play dead until it was easier to abduct Rose. She did this later that evening when the convoy escorting the family were close to The Village. Miranda attacked the drivers and took Rosemary back to The Village where preparations for the resurrection ceremony would begin immediately.

Miranda summoned the 4 Lords and proceeded with the preparation ritual – infecting Rosemaryd with the Mold which in turn crystallised her body. In doing so, Miranda was able to separate out her body parts into flasks which were given to the Lords to watch over. With the final stages of her 100 year old plan now close to fruition, Miranda relinquished control of the Lycans who were set free from the Stronghold. They tore apart The Village spreading the Cadou in the process.

After the destruction, Miranda was surprised to note that Rose’s father, Ethan had survived the earlier attack and was searching The Village for his daughter. Impressed by his resilience he observed him disguised as an old hag guiding him through parts of his quest. Miranda also teased her actual presence to Ethan by murdering last survivor Iulian in broad daylight.

Miranda had no time for the 4 Lords any longer and opted to test Ethan into doing her dirty work by disposing of them. However, when Heisenberg captured Ethan, she played along and allowed Ethan to be killed. This was easier said than done and over the course of the next day, Ethan was successful in destroying all 4 Lords and recovering their flasks.

This was of little concern for Miranda who herself was now entirely pre-occupied in the resurrection ceremony. She was however made aware of the B.S.A.A and Chris Redfield who had tracked her to the Village. The Megamycete however continued to grow as part of the ceremony and gradually took over The Village. After Heisenberg was destroyed thanks to the combined efforts of Chris and Ethan, Miranda had little use of Ethan any longer. He confronted Ethan in the fields outside the factory and revealed her deception and shape-shifting abilities. During this monologue, Miranda literally pulled out Ethan’s heart ending his life. Or so she thought. Miranda had underestimated that Ethan himself was a perfect adapter of the Mutamycete Mold and he himself had been born again in 2017 as a perfect Mold Human after Jack Baker had stomped him to death. Because of this he was able to survive a while longer even without his heart.

Miranda meanwhile was now at the ceremony site and preparing for the ritual. With the Giant’s Chalice and flasks in situ, the plan worked as expected. The Megamycete gave birth to a resurrected Eva. Or at least that was the idea. The process drained a lot of Miranda’s power and became progressively weaker as the new child was born. Upon her birth, Miranda was horrified to discover that her plans had failed and instead of Eva being resurrected, it was in fact Rosemary. Enraged by this failure and drained powers, the Mold took a hold of Miranda and mutation occurred. See here for details.

Ultimately, Ethan was able to destroy Miranda during the climactic battle and her plans to be reunited with her daughter in ruins.

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