Monster Cameron

Monster Cameron was the direct result of Dr. Cameron infecting herself with her own creation – the Executer Virus. Despite being based on the T-Virus, the new virus had such unique properties that her mutation was on an entirely new level. 

Dr Cameron grew to an enormous size, flesh ripping apart her normal form and a larger brain erupting from her cranium. The resulting appearance resembles a Licker B.O.W but mainly the new monster was bi-pedal in nature. 

Dr. Cameron knew her time was up when she spotted the U.B.C.S approaching her secret lab. In a last ditch attempt to evad capture she injected herself with the virus and then craftily hid in the nearby food warehouse. She had planted her Umbrella ID card on her pet dog, knowing it would be tracked by the platoon. Here lied in wait before attacking the team with full force. The monster was able to quickly dispatch Robert but was easily downed by the rest of the team with their superior weaponry. A well placed grenade round ending the creature’s short life.

Despite the creature’s death, the consciousness of Dr. Cameron lived on when her dog became infected with the same virus. Dr. Cameron therefore passed into the hound where she watched the platoon in safety. Eventually, in her labs, the dog was killed by Roger, but in doing so, he too became infected with the virus and the consciousness of the doctor too.

With a new human host, Dr. Cameron now felt that she could cheat death and held off mutating Roger until safely away from the city. Here, she inpaled Claus in the HUMVEE to death.

It can assumed that Dr. Cameron was subsequently killed in the Raccoon City bombings as there has been no trace of her or Roger ever since.

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