Monster Zǐlì

Monster Zǐlì is the result of the spy Zǐlì injecting herself with the final version of the Kodoku Virus.

During the events of Sonido de Tortuga Island, Zǐlì let her guard down for just a moment too long and allowed a zombiefied Laura Bierce to attack her. Both went plummeting down into a deep pit and Zǐlì was fatally injured. Not wanting to die, Zǐlì injected herself with the final virus and mutated into a large, spider-like creature.

It is an extremely large B.O.W, oily black in colour and vaguely humanoid. It hangs suspended in the air from the trees, its limbs coiled around the heavy tree trunks and a nest of tentacles can be seen writhing behind its head. In stark contrast to its body colouration, its two eyes are like two white specters. Zǐlì’s human face is still slightly visible on top of the creature’s head. Despite the size, she is extremely fast and agile and able to outrun gunfire.

During the 2014 incident, Monster Zǐlì’ battles Subject 001193 destroying the B.O.W in the process. However, such endevours made her vulnerable with her body being targeted by Claire Redfield with a well placed rocket. The impact of the explosion caused significant damage and seemingly the end of its life. It was however not the end, as the remnants of Monster Zǐlì’ continued to battle on without a recognisable thorax and body. What was left of its head features attacked the fleeing helicopter with Yuki Mayu, Takeru Tominaga and BSAA member Hendrick onboard. The creature was able to take out the BSAA member but was ultimately destroyed once and for all by the surviving two with a combination of a sword through the monster’s brain and a well placed grenade in its mouth.   

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