MS – Virus

The MS or Matchless Soldier Virus was a highly secretive virus developed by an elile group of Umbrella scientists in Raccoon City in 1998. 

The goal of the project as the name suggests was to create a biological army that withstand death and indoing so have “matchless soldiers” in combat scenarios. 

It was, like many projects by Umbrella and Lord Spencer, an attempt at creating an immortality virus that could be used by Spencer to become a God.

Specific development details of the virus are unknown, but it can assumed that as part of the mass research program initiated by Umbrella, the MS- Virus began life off as either the Progenitor Virus, or its more non-lethal variant, the T-Virus. As with Progenitor, it was known by Spencer in particular, based on the old tales of the Nydipa Tribe that particular individuals could adapt to the lethality of the Progenitor Virus and in doing so become “superhuman” possessing long life and strength. As such, Spencer set the goal to his many employees and laboratory team to investigate the secrets to discover immortality.

Specifically, with this virus, research was conducted after the discovery in the human brain of the “non-death” cell. A cell that, if given the right stimuli could be resurrected and brought back to life. Whilst the base T-Virus had the appearance of performing this task, one of the traits of the Tyrant virus was that if a host died, they could not be be brought back to life. The Matchless Soldier program sought to remedy this deficiency and in doing so create a B.O.W that would have enormous potential on the battlefield.

Interestingly, Dr. Birkin was also conducting similar experiments on T-Virus mutation stocks and recorded some progress with animal hosts using a virus to seemingly bring dead creatures back to life, or at the very least have them appear to be in a state of death. Unknown to Birkin, this was in-fact the T variant that was given to all the Wesker Children. It could be, but not confirmed that the data from this variant was used, or was in fact a base to what became the MS-Virus.

During development of the MS-Virus it soon became apparent that the potential for ensuring the non-death cell could be stimulated upon fatal injury attracted attention from further afield. To combat this, a dedicated laboratory was set up for the team, hidden below ground underneath an old storage facility owned by Umbrella.

The scientific team working on the project were under the highest level of secrecy, so much so that their identities were erased and replaced with codenames. Led by Project Leader A. team members included, K, J, M and her husband.

As research continued, a preliminary “mouse” version of the virus was developed. It is unknown as to its effectiveness, but clearly there was a molecular breakthrough with this variant to continue research. Part of this included the development of a vaccine, potentially as part of a fail-safe in case anyone was infected. Vaccine development also proved challenging with at least two versions being created and stored in the secret laboratory.

Eventually however, by September 1998, Project Leader A was able to declare the MS-Virus a success. Although not confirmed, testing was completed on an Eliminator B.O.W that was being stored in the facility. The Eliminator was infected with the virus and in doing so was reborn into the Eliminator R – a larger, faster more sturdier version of the creature.

With this success, word reached the F.B.I about the virus who sent in agent Naomi McClain to investigate. Before any human trials could be conducted, Project Leader A sought to hide the research after the team abandoned the project during the height of the Raccoon City Incident. Project Leader A sabotaged the lab and caused a huge explosion to give time to prepare samples and escape.

This took a number of days and before A could complete the task, they were killed by the U.S.S who had infiltrated the lab. It was during this time that rookie cop, Tyler Hamilton located the vaccine samples in the main laboratory. As a failsafe, A had installed a piracy system and in entering the room, the MS-Virus was leaked through the ventilation system. Fortunately for Hamilton, he was able to administer the vaccine developed by M which cured his infection. Such had been the minimal time infected, there did not appear to be any effect of the virus on the police officer.

Despite showing promise, any data of the MS-Virus was lost when Raccoon City was bombed, specifically bunker bombed.

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