Naomi McClain

Naomi McClain is an F.B.I Agent who had been assigned the ongoing investigation into the activities of Umbrella, specifically the development of the MS-Virus in Raccoon City.

The F.B.I were very concerned about the experiments taking place and had made contact with a number of the researchers working on the project. In exchange for providing evidence of the experiments going on, the F.B.I offered the opportunity of a new life. To assist with this, the F.B.I sent in an unnamed agent to act as the contact and go-between. When he failed to response, Agent McClain was sent in to find out what had happened and rescue the informants.

An excellent Agent, Naomi embraced the mission given to her and arrived in Raccoon City in the early stages of the large scale viral outbreak. At this point the virus had not yet reached full infection, but was making progress across the city. Naomi’s preliminary target was to find her colleague and this led her to the Umbrella Storage Facility in the suburbs of the city.

On 26 September 1998, Naomi communication with the Agent is lost and this leads her to infiltrate the facility which was being used as a front for the laboratory deep below. She had been using a local police station to take shelter whilst orchestrating her mission.

Entering the facility through its secret emergency ladder, Naomi encounters monstrosities including Zombies, Zombie Dogs and Lickers. During her investigation she comes across a survivor, rookie cop, Tyler Hamilton who had been working at the facility. He informs her of another agent he had spotted moments before. Naomi springs into action but is too late, the unnamed Agent had been shot by Umbrella’s paramilitary group, the U.S.S. The situation was becoming more dangerous and it was clear that the organisation were now seeking to eliminate all evidence of their illegal activities.

With his last breath, the Agent informs Naomi that the name of his informant is “K”. She quickly tracks “K”s ID card gaining her further access to the facility, namely the rear entrance. Looking out for “K”, Naomi is horrified to encounter an extremely large B.O.W – the Nemesis. The creature was being stored here before deployment in the streets and in this early state was dispatched by McClain.

Fleeing the facility via ladder, she locates “K” who tells her that the other informants are hidden somewhere in the city.

On 28 September 1998, late night a distress call is made from the Raccoon City University to the local police station. Naomi intercepts the message and realizes that it is probably one of the informants. She makes off to the university with renewed vigor. Unfortunately for her, the U.S.S have come to the same conclusion an entire platoon are exploring the institution as well.  Naomi enters the lecture hall and calls out hoping to find someone. A voice replies from a hidden room. A surviving student tells her of an underground passageway connected to a nearby dormitory…

As midnight passes, Naomi encounters Tyler Hamilton once again. The pair exchange notes as Tyler is looking for survivors. Naomi informs him of the voice she heard in the lecture hall before departing. Despite this, Naomi continues to look for her informant, but is shocked to discover the Nemesis T-Type has returned. Having battled a certain STARS member earlier, the now mutated Nemesis is a far more formidable foe but through sheer perseverance is able to subdue the B.O.W. 

With the Nemesis out of the way, Naomi locates a small dormitory where she finds the informant known as “S”. “S” gives her a data disc containing evidence of the activities they were conducting. She then leaves with Naomi to continue her investigations.

Later that day the Raccoon City Museum is raised and sensing a pattern, Naomi heads off thinking it was caused by an informant. Fortunately, she had taken shelter in the building next door meaning her trip was not lengthy at all. Her instincts proved to be correct, but once again a platoon of U.S.S block her way. She battles through hoards of the undead but was once again surprised to see Tyler Hamilton also at the museum. Tyler reports to Naomi about spotting some researchers in the museum and thanks him. She also warns Tyler about the U.S.S and now that he had been spotted he could be a target for them.

Naomi is quick to locate the informant “M” in the toilets but is shocked to learn that “M”s husband, who had set off the alarm is also somewhere in the city. “M” also advises that the sample is hidden in the museum’s vault. As Naomi heads towards the vault but is stopped by two MA-121 Hunter Alpha models. Despite being physically agile and aggressive, they prove to be a pushover for Naomi.

Upon entering the vault with a special key, Naomi locates a sample of the MS-Virus. With that in hand, Naomi decides she should head back to the Storage Facility to investigate further.

Late night on 30 September 1998, Naomi locates a hidden ladder down into the laboratory below the Storage Facility. This is the Special Research Laboratory B and the birthplace of the MS-Virus. She is also notified by her superiors that a bombing run is expected on the city.

As the day ticks over to 1 October 1998, Naomi meets Tyler and warns him of the bombings and to look for an escape route. Naomi continues were investigation and finds the diaries of her informants. Here she uses the information to locate a hidden room deep into the laboratory. Hidden inside is Project Leader “A”. He had been holed up here for days and with a change of heart begs for rescue. He provides her with a whole host of evidence before running to a nearby lab to locate more. Naomi rushes to catch up , but it is too late, “A” is murdered by the U.S.S. 

Shocked, the U.S.S, activate the Type 3 & 4 Nemesis being stored at the facility. These inferior models were due for disposal and are quickly dispatched by Agent McClain.

With the evidence in hand, Naomi looks to escape the lab and the city. She meets with Tyler once more at the evacuation tunnel and the pair escape picked up by a helicopter. Naomi advises that Tyler will need to go into protective custody as the city is wiped off the map.

By mid-October, Naomi collates her evidence but before it can be published the US Government intervene and prevent it from being disclosed. With that Naomi resigns from the F.B.I.

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