Neo-Umbrella was a bioterrorist organisation secretly created and masterminded by Carla Radames. Their sole purpose was to generate enough influence to destabilise the global world order that had been carefully orchestrated and preserved throughout centuries by the secret fraternity calling themselves The Family. They created countless biological weapons and utilised the C-Virus to cause several large-scale biohazards in various regions across the globe in the early 2010’s.

The organisation came about as part of Carla Radames’ revenge plan on Derek C. Simmons and The Family following their betrayal of her. She had originally been a promising researcher and was opened up to the world of illegal viral weaponry by Simmons himself who saw a potential in her abilities. Following the events of Raccoon City, Simmons became convinced that B.O.W.s would dominate the future of warfare and eventually replace conventional weaponry in modern conflicts. Carla was placed at the forefront of this research where she worked diligently and remained utterly loyal to Simmons.

She was the creator of the C-Virus and spearheaded ‘Project Ada’ for a number of years as she tried to fulfil Simmons’ ultimate obsession of creating a perfect copy of Ada Wong; the woman he considered his absolute professional equal and master spy who abandoned him following his decision to destroy Raccoon City in 1998. But after years of frustration, Simmons used Carla as an unwilling test subject for the project after one of his researchers suggested Carla was a close compatible genetic match to what they were looking for. When Carla was successfully reborn from a chrysalid cocoon as a perfect physical copy of Ada in April 2009, she underwent an intensive conditioning program to make her look, act and sound just like the real thing, and thus destroying any remaining traces of Carla Radames in the process. But whilst under this intensive training regimen, supressed memories of Carla’s former existence began to slowly come back to the surface of her mind. This eventually led to a full realisation of what Simmons had done to her, and in the process gave birth to an intense and almost fanatical hatred of the man she once idolised. Carla now burned for revenge against her master and now found herself in the unique position of possessing a new face and a new identity, whilst at the same time still retaining Simmons’ complete trust and admiration. She harboured immediate thoughts of revenge but realised she needed to bide her time and slowly crafted a plan from within to bring down one of the world’s most powerful men.

Neo-Umbrella was formed in 2010 after Simmons had gifted Carla a significant chunk of The Family’s east-Asian resources as a token of gratitude for her continued loyalty and service. This gift included personnel, weapons, equipment, and almost limitless finances. Whilst posing as Ada Wong and maintaining his absolute loyalty, Carla took advantage of Simmons and quietly syphoned the vast resources of The Family to finance the group and promote its rapid expansion in absolute secrecy. The name Neo-Umbrella (New-Umbrella) was taken in homage to the original Umbrella Corporation following their creation of illegal bio-organic weapons and subsequent responsibility for the rapid spread of bioterrorism that now extended to all reaches of the globe. Because The Family promoted stability and prosperity for its elite members, the rise of a ‘New-Umbrella’ would spread fear and paranoia across the public and throughout influential circles, representing a genuine threat at destroying the global stability and American dominance The Family had worked so hard to maintain. Carla used the name as a weapon of fear to inspire chaos and anarchy, but her organisation bore no tangible relation or link to Oswell E. Spencer’s original company. It also had no ties to the re-emerging Blue Umbrella PMC, who themselves at the time were trying to convince the world of their good intentions by cleaning up the original Red Umbrella’s mess. They were in the midst of a Chapter 11 reorganisation plan and were operating under heavy sanctions under the watchful eye of the United Nations.

The Neo-Umbrella group adopted a logo very similar in design to the old Umbrella Corporation emblem and Carla set to work secretly recruiting scientists and anarchists sympathetic to her cause. She used the financial might of The Family and her influential role in Simmons’ biological weapons division to purchase several large-scale properties which were converted into research and development facilities. These included medical centres and warehouses in numerous cities across the world. A luxurious quad-tower was purchased in Lanshiang, China and used as Neo-Umbrella’s central base of operations whilst disguised as a legitimate business front. Likewise a traditional Chinese mansion was taken over on the fringes of that same city with extensive grounds and underground facilities converted into laboratories and medical testing centres. Thanks to Simmons giving Carla control over The Family’s East Asian resources, Carla and Neo-Umbrella now had access to several air-craft carriers, jet fighters, armoured transport helicopters and even a Navy submarine.

Whilst simultaneously building up her own empire under the Neo-Umbrella mantle, Carla continued to work alongside Simmons and his research team who by this time were now focused on weaponising the C-Virus and using remnants of Project Ada research to create Complete Mutation Species B.O.W.s. Carla performed countless experiments and created numerous creatures, and at the same time secretly passed on all the research and development data over to Neo-Umbrella for their scientists to further perfect and refine.

In 2011, one of Neo-Umbrella’s key developments was that of the ‘Ustanak’, a project to develop the ultimate B.O.W. with similar traits to the Nemesis T-Type ‘Pursuer’. After 322 failed experiments, one of Neo-Umbrella’s own scientists who idolised Carla Radames volunteered and injected himself with the virus. Even though he was a manufactured B.O.W., all his mental faculties as a human remained intact, giving him the capacity for cogent thought. This made Ustanak a perfect candidate for carrying out missions on his own. A side effect of the mutation was increased intelligence as he was able to use complex machinery and equipment soon after picking it up. Ustanak had a ‘mother-son’ relationship with Carla and would only obey her orders. Neo-Umbrella’s weapons division spent the rest of that year manufacturing various specialised weapons and attachments for the Ustanak including a Vulcan canon, a shotgun and a drill for close-quarters combat. It was later given an extendable attachment to enable it to capture targets and use syringes to extract blood samples.

An early Complete Mutation Species developed by Carla was a feminine creature created using remnants of Project Ada research capable of secreting a gaseous form of the C-Virus. When this toxin was inhaled by humans it would regress them into ravenous zombies within seconds. On the order of Derek Simmons, Carla carried out a field test in 2012 for The Family but fully intended for Neo-Umbrella to benefit from the research results. Carla gave the C-Virus to Bindi Bergara, a disillusioned student at Marhawa Academy; a prestigious private school located in rural Asia. Bindi used the virus on her friend, Nanan Yoshihara and she was reborn as a Complete Species Mutation later to become known as a Lepotica. Carla observed from the background as ‘Test Subject C-16’ went on the rampage, infecting her fellow students and triggering a full-scale biohazard. Bindi also directly injected herself and became a J’avo – a creature capable of enhanced regenerative abilities and specialised mutations whilst still retaining their human consciousness. Both Nanan and Bindi were eventually destroyed by the B.S.A.A. but Carla collected useful data on the incident and Carla salvaged Nanan’s remains and had her shipped back to Neo-Umbrella headquarters.

Carla utilised the toxin produced by the Lepotica as the genesis for her ultimate endgame, which was the HAOS. This was to be Neo-Umbrella’s ultimate weapon and was secretly incubated over a long period of time at a special undersea facility. This facility was purpose built 80 miles off the coast of Lanshiang so that Neo-Umbrella had a secret location to create their B.O.W.s and to serve as the incubator for HAOS. It cost billions of dollars to construct and it was Carla’s continued manipulation of Simmons that enabled her to syphon limitless funds from the never-ending reserves of The Family without suspicion. HAOS was concealed in a gigantic Chrysalid and when ready, would hatch and follow its programming by reaching the surface then multiplying. In only a few days these HAOS creatures would contaminate the entire planet. The C-Virus gas they produced was thousands of times more concentrated than the Lepotica’s and able to infect a larger radius much quicker.

As these various projects and developments were carried out, Neo-Umbrella remained completely under the radar and were still not known to the world at large. Carla was waiting until her organisation was strong and stable enough before she unleashed terror and anarchy upon the world. But in the meantime, she continued to amass followers and legions of human test subjects. Numerous volunteers were given the C-Virus and became J’avo. These infectants remained utterly loyal to their master and often wore masks to conceal any facial mutations. Neo-Umbrella refined the regenerative properties of the J’avo and their respective mutations to create over a dozen different types, all named uniquely using various Serbian phrases. Carla had J’avo working under her whilst in the Tall Oaks Laboratories for The Family but they were loyal to her alone and served as her bodyguards. By now rumours of Neo-Umbrella’s existence had reached the US. Government as Carla anonymously leaked details of their operations and the weapons they used, including the Ustanak. This again was done to spread fear and paranoia about the imminent emergence of a new bio-terror network.

The rest of the world came to know about the J’avo in December 2012 when Neo-Umbrella allied themselves with the Edonian Liberation Army who were engaged in civil war against the government. Carla supplied the rebels with strains of the C-Virus disguised as nutritional supplements and soon many of their troops became J’avo and fought against the B.S.A.A. Neo-Umbrella also field tested experimental Complete Mutation Species and several Ogroman specimens were sold to the rebels. The group also used the location to conduct a number of clandestine tests, including releasing human test subjects out onto the mountains and have flocks of Mesets hatch then hunt them down. But Neo-Umbrella’s main objective in the Edonian War was to secure Jake Muller, the son of Albert Wesker who harboured a unique blood type that rendered him immune to most viral strains. Derek Simmons wanted Jake for The Family, wanting to use his blood to create an even deadlier strain of the virus and to prevent the U.S. Government from synthesising a cure. He sent in Sherry Birkin to get him safely out of the country and used Carla as a back-up to make sure she succeeded. But Carla betrayed Simmons and both Jake and Sherry were captured and taken back to a secret Neo-Umbrella facility in China. Carla reported back to The Family that Sherry and Jake had been killed in the war.

In 2013 Carla began to use Simmons’ own plan against him by using Jake’s blood to create an enhanced strain of the C-Virus. This new version not only strengthened the host, but removed the need for a chrysalid stage completely, meaning hosts could continue to mutate indefinitely into new forms without compromising their cellular integrity. This strain would take approximately six months to refine, and the development process was known only to Carla, ensuring it could not be replicated by outside organisations. In the meantime, Neo-Umbrella were responsible for more bio-terrorist incidents across the globe and slowly the rest of the world came to fear them. Throughout all this, Carla Radames continued to feign loyalty towards Derek Simmons and neither he nor anyone from The Family suspected that Neo-Umbrella was being run by one of their own.

Although Neo-Umbrella were aware of Simmons’ plan to assassinate President Adam Benford to prevent him revealing the truth behind the U.S. Government’s connection to Umbrella Corporation and Raccoon City, they played no active role in the biohazard that engulfed Tall Oaks in June 2013. But amidst the ensuing chaos, Neo-Umbrella later publicly claimed responsibility for the attack, and used the incident as a diversion to launch an attack on Lanshiang. Several days earlier, Neo-Umbrella also conducted a staged highjack of the Navy submarine Simmons had originally gifted to Carla. This was done for Carla to set up an event to lure the real Ada Wong into play as part of her ultimate endgame. Once chaos was unleashed upon the world, Carla planned to frame Ada Wong as the mastermind behind Neo-Umbrella – dealing a further blow to Simmons.

Gangs of J’avo attacked Lanshiang, mercilessly killing civilians and causing general chaos. Entire territories were captured and several high-ranking United Nations officials taken hostage. The B.S.A.A. were called in but the J’avo attack was merely a diversion for Neo-Umbrella to launch missile loaded with the C-Virus that would transform the entire populace into zombies. This plan was to be followed by other attacks on major cities until the time came for HAOS to be unleashed upon the world.

Carla’s plan was proceeding perfectly for a time as the B.S.A.A. and other authorities believed Ada Wong was the mastermind behind everything, and a Neo-Umbrella assassin had infiltrated The Family’s meeting point and successfully infected Derek Simmons with the enhanced strain C-Virus. Neo-Umbrella also captured Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin for a second time and had them transported to the undersea facility. But eventually Carla was cornered by the B.S.A.A. and later assassinated by agents of The Family. When her vital signs ceased, Neo-Umbrella’s emergency protocol Plan D officially went into motion and the HAOS was awoken, albeit not in a fully developed state. Because it was only 70.3% complete, HAOS was eventually defeated by Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans before it could reach the surface.

With the loss of their primary weapon, their leader and the development data for the enhanced C-Virus, it did not take long for Neo-Umbrella to fall under. However, remnants of their research were salvaged and their M.O. was later adopted by black market weapons dealer Glenn Arias and his own bioterrorism organisation.


Neo-Umbrella employed their own specialised military unit for incursion and attacking operations. What makes this unit unique is that they were comprised entirely of J’avo. But unlike those seen in Eastern Europe and China, Neo-Umbrella J’avo received specialised battle training. Each operative wore a specially designed combat suit which gave them direct control over local mutations by using tentacle-like transmitters and connectors like nerves that open up between their joints. Their facial masks gave them an appearance akin to that of a wasp.


Quad-Tower: – This was one of the tallest buildings in central Lanshiang and made up of four triangular-shaped towers that from the sky resemble the Umbrella logo. It has a central yard with the Neo-Umbrella logo and a large spire decorated in Chinese writing. The bulk of the towers were made up of offices and legitimate business premises, with Carla Radames’ laboratories being located on the upper floors. The rooftops afforded a view of the entire city and held a helicopter landing pad.

Vinci Medical Research Centre: – This was an inconspicuous warehouse building located in the Tatchi district by the main river. It was full of supplies and was mainly used for storing materials. But the upper levels housed an elaborate research and development laboratory containing prototype security systems.

Chinese Mansion: – A luxurious mansion located on the outskirts of Lanshiang complete with expansive gardens and grounds. The lower levels contained high-end research areas and the upper floors were decorated to the tastes of the nouveau rich Chinese elite. Golden statues filled every room alongside expensive tapestries and Asian wall scrolls. Rooms included a spa, an expansive library, drawing rooms, master bedrooms and a bar and lounge area. The medical facility directly underneath was where Jake and Sherry were held for six months to allow development of the enhanced strain C-Virus.

Aircraft Carrier: – Neo-Umbrella took over two aircraft carriers in possession of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army that were secretly the property of The Family. For the Lanshiang operation, Neo-Umbrella took over these facilities and killed the crew using Rasklapanje B.O.W.s. One was kept off the coastline in the bay and the other was moored at Yuenmon Port. These carriers packed state of the art firepower and were protected by contingents of Neo-Umbrella’s specially trained J’avo. The armaments included fighter jets, armoured helicopters and ground assault vehicles.

Undersea Facility: – A deep-sea research facility constructed on the ocean floor approximately 80 miles off the coast of Lanshiang. Click here for more details.

Submarine: – This was property of The Family acting under cover as a U.S. Naval vessel. It had an elaborate security system and rooms and devices across the warship reflected Derek Simmons’ tastes and hobbies. At some point the submarine was given to Carla Radames as a gift and unwittingly became one of the catalysts for the formation of Neo-Umbrella. The submarine operated as normal but in 2013, it was subject to a staged attack by Neo-Umbrella and used as a lure to draw in the real Ada Wong as a key player in Carla’s nefarious plot to end the world.

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