New Feature: Biohazard 4 Lore File Document

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Listeners of the Resident Evil Podcast will know that during Episode 66, released last month, we were teased with translated story material as read out by our supporters.

Now, the completed document is ready as theBatman brings together all the Japanese-only supplemental material for Biohazard/Resident Evil 4. Featuring full translations of the following books: Biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho, Biohazard 4 Official Guidebook, Biohazard 4 Perfect Capture Guide and Ada’s Report.

This collection shines a light on new lore information surrounding this classic game.

With special thanks to all our Patreon Supporters, without which, this translation project would not have been possible. A shout out and thanks to: Ploppy54,A.Schiffel,Psyniac,G.Venables,NightHawk,J.Chastain,M.Berringer,RPGs&DeathMetal, Didiaskforfries,L.Marriot,Bennynthejets,C.Kolhoven,Sylec,C.Soundhaus,Superdoneman,J.o’hara, S.Smith,K.Harvey,P.Macpherson,A.Farrer,JankMedia,Deththepersuer,BBMack,DarkenRaul, J.Osiris, AaronZ.

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