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In a world where bioterrorism has become par for the course, the value of the Umbrella Corporation’s remaining research results have instead increased.

Soldiers sneak into blockade zones inhabited by infected people. Most are working hard for illegal “Zombie hunting” for their own reasons. But in their shade it’s speculated that there are corporations planning biological weapons development or the rights to treatment drug development. Some of these organisations are below:

SUNTECH CORPORTION – This is a Japanese company with an interest in procuring illegal Bio-Organic Weaponry. They have two in-house factions Suntech Ninja Co. based in Osaka and Suntech Samurai Co. based in Tokyo.

TENENTI INC – This is an Italian-based military industrial company. They also have a vested interest in the acquisition and sale of data and samples pertaining to illegal biological weaponry. They employ teams of mercenaries they send into biohazard quarantine to retrieve said data. They have no hesitation about using lethal force to achieve their goal. Their name is derived from the Italian military word tenente, meaning ‘Lieutenant’.

AEOLUS EDGE – American-based conglomerate with rival competing  branches Aeolus Edge East and Aeolus Edge West. It is thought this rivalry is similar to how Umbrella Europe and Umbrella USA tried to consistently outdo each other to the benefit of the overall parent corporation. Aeolus Edge East are based in New York and Aeolus Edge West operate out of San Francisco.

AKEMBE CHEMICAL – Pharmaceutical Company based in Africa and involved in illegal bioweapons research. Like the other global corporations involved, they have a hidden dark side with links to the B.O.W. underworld. They contract teams of mercenaries to enter illegal blockade zones on their behalf to retrieve sensitive data and samples which are discreetly delivered back to the company. Their corporate emblem is two lions presiding over the African sun and they are one of Africa’s largest pharmaceutical enterprises.

MEDVEDEV – A Russian company with operations in Saint Petersburg. They are complicit in bio-weapons development and their name comes from a Slavic name meaning ‘Son of a Bear.’ Their emblem is a circular seal with a bear’s paw and the words ‘Russian Bears.’ The bear has been a symbol of Russian Empire dating back to the 16th Century. Like the other companies involved, they employ either in-house paramilitary units or trained mercenaries to enter quarantined biohazard zones illegally and procure data. They also have a base of operations in Africa.

SAURIAN CORPORATION – A company of unknown industry based in Peru, South America. They have a vested interest in illegal bio-weapons development and obtain data and samples illegally by sending teams of soldiers and hired hands into biohazard quarantine zones across the globe. They often come into contact with other corporate mercenaries representing other organisations and firefights sometimes break out. Their emblem is represented by the Nazca lines and a lizard.

RASHID SAHIR INDUSTRIES – Multibillion-dollar conglomerate based in Dubai, UAE. They are speculated to be extremely profitable with influence stretching all across the world. As well as their legitimate business ventures, they also deal in the murky world of illegal biological weapons development. Their corporate wealth gives them an edge and they can pay for the very best weapons, equipment and mercenaries available to help achieve their goals.

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