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“What!? What is this?” 

Welcome to our add-on, our DLC to the Podcast itself! Here you will find links to all our podcasts and social media accounts, but also all our projects and editorials the team have been involved with over the years. This new home will be updated with exclusive content – everything from game analysis or in-depth lore discussions. Click on the Features tab now to discover more.


How can these things be alive if they’re already dead? 💀 @BIO_OFFICIAL @CapcomUSA_ @RE_Games @ResidentEvil @shinji_mikami @PG_kamiya @BIOHAZARDcast @ROEnetwork @ResiEvilPod @STARS_TyranT #art #pixelart #pixelartist #ResidentEvil2Remake #ResidentEvil2 #ResidentEvil #ResidentEvil8

RE8: Brandon Bailey founded The Connections. When the Umbrella Africa Lab closed in Nov 1998, the Bio5 Kaitaishinsho describes Bailey as 'the image of an elderly man, tired of reality and devoid of emotion.' Yet in less than two years, he was working with both HCF and Miranda.

Crimson-Head research article by @BSAArklay covering all Resident Evil 5 beta builds, deleted content, and newly discovered hidden assets! #ResidentEvil #RE5 #ResidentEvil5

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REP Presents: A Be6inner’s Guide to Bioha7ad released

REP Presents: A Be6inner’s Guide to Bioha7ad released

As we countdown towards the release of Resident Evil Village, we begin our coverage by attempting to answer the question – what games do you need to play in preparation for Village if you are newcomer to the series?

Village, being a AAA title on the newly released PS5/Xbox will certainly attract new fans to the series and with over 20 mainline games in 25 years, it’s a bit of a minefield! With that in mind, join the team as we try to evaluate which of these games will make the REP Essential List for the purposes of Resident Evil Village!

The main criteria of course will be the lore, and what we think fans need to know to get the most of the hotly anticipated title. Please bear in mind, this is all guesswork – we are not privy or wish to know of leaks or spoilers so you can listen safe in the knowledge that its all predictions!

So, please download and enjoy our look at the entire franchise!

Available on Apple, Spotify, Google and all good podcast apps, or directly available here:

New Feature: Biohazard 4 Lore File Document

New Feature: Biohazard 4 Lore File Document

Listeners of the Resident Evil Podcast will know that during Episode 66, released last month, we were teased with translated story material as read out by our supporters.

Now, the completed document is ready as theBatman brings together all the Japanese-only supplemental material for Biohazard/Resident Evil 4. Featuring full translations of the following books: Biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho, Biohazard 4 Official Guidebook, Biohazard 4 Perfect Capture Guide and Ada’s Report.

This collection shines a light on new lore information surrounding this classic game.

With special thanks to all our Patreon Supporters, without which, this translation project would not have been possible. A shout out and thanks to: Ploppy54,A.Schiffel,Psyniac,G.Venables,NightHawk,J.Chastain,M.Berringer,RPGs&DeathMetal, Didiaskforfries,L.Marriot,Bennynthejets,C.Kolhoven,Sylec,C.Soundhaus,Superdoneman,J.o’hara, S.Smith,K.Harvey,P.Macpherson,A.Farrer,JankMedia,Deththepersuer,BBMack,DarkenRaul, J.Osiris, AaronZ.

Episode 66 – Resident Evil 4 Retrospective now released

Episode 66 – Resident Evil 4 Retrospective now released

Episode 66 is now available to download on all good podcast apps! Here the team take a retrospective look back at the integral title – Resident Evil 4.

No, doubt a pivotal entry in the saga and with rumours of a remake, we cast our eye back on one of gamings most influential but controversial fourth main outing.

Does the game hold up in light of recent over the shoulder developments? Has it aged like a fine wine or in need of a remake? We also examine the undeniable legacy Resident Evil 4 has had on us all!Featuring file readings from our Patrons from the Biohazard 4 Japanese guide book, translated by theBatman, this is a feature length podcast to enjoy!Available on Apple, Google, Spotify and all good podcast apps (search: The Resident Evil Podcast) or directly from Podbean:

BONUS FEATURE - The Resident Evil mythology

our featured editorial timeline by thebatman

The Resident Evil Podcast
The Resident Evil Podcast3 days ago
Join REP staff member, STARS TyranT as he plays the completely fan made remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica on PC.

Using the Unity engine, this has been built by just a team of 2 with the demo available now.

Check out Sean's stream here:

Website for the remake is here:

So be sure to check them out!

#residentevil #codeveronica #claireredfield #remake #codeveronicaremake #podcast #vod #biohazard
The Resident Evil Podcast
The Resident Evil Podcast1 week ago
We hope everyone has enjoyed or is going to enjoy Episode 69 - our lore analysis of Resident Evil Village.

Up next is our RE Village Community Special where you guys take to the floor and present your review of the latest game. These podcasts are always fun because new viewpoints are raised and discussed!

If you have an opinion on anything Village and for a chance for that opinion to be aired in our next podcast, then please send us your 2 minute MP3 call in to us!

Emails are now open -

deadline is Friday 25th June.

Thank you for your support and help!

#residentevil #residentevilvillage #biohazard #podcast #residentevilpodcast #callin #weneedyou #community #podcastcallinshow #communityspecial
The Resident Evil Podcast
The Resident Evil Podcast1 week ago
Welcome to part 2 of our in-depth look at Resident Evil Village - focusing exclusively on the lore consequences the new title brings to the RE universe. Brace yourself as the team analysis the key plot points from Village - everything from Mother Miranda's plans, how the Mold works, Biohazard 7 changes and all the other "Connections".

For our thoughts on gameplay mechanics be sure to check out Episode 68, but for now let's unwrap Village top to toe!

Available on Podbean here:
or available to stream on Apple, Spotify, Google and all good podcast apps

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