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Welcome to our add-on, our DLC to the Podcast itself! Here you will find links to all our podcasts and social media accounts, but also all our projects and editorials the team have been involved with over the years. This new home will be updated with exclusive content – everything from game analysis or in-depth lore discussions. Click on the Features tab now to discover more.


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Episode 70 – Antony Johnston Interview released!

For this episode we are delighted to welcome special guest Antony Johnston, New York Times bestselling author and screenwriter. Antony has a number of major media projects on his resume, including Hollywood movie Atomic Blonde and video game survival horror classic Dead Space. He is also the scriptwriter for Resident Evil Village and worked very closely with Capcom Japan on the scenario design. In an engaging discussion, Antony goes into detail about how he was hired by Capcom, the writer’s room process, and how crafting the storyline was very much a collaborative effort.

He also explains just how much was rewritten, how many concepts were changed, and how sometimes less really is more. We also get to fire in some key community questions such as Rose’s powers, the absence of Blue Umbrella, and just what is going on with that ending…
As usual, all our podcasts are available on Apple, Google, Spotify, Podbean (direct download: ) and all good podcast apps – just search of “The Resident Evil Podcast”!

Please be sure to drop Antony a follow on twitter – and check out his website too –

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is now out!

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is now out!

Available on Netflix is now is Capcom’s first anime CGI series. All 4 episodes have dropped each coming in at around 25 minutes each. So, grab some popcorn and sit back and watch the latest adventure from Leon and Claire.

Set in 2006, (just before the events of Lost in Nightmares, RE5), we see flashbacks to events from the Panemestan Civil War. How does this tie into a zombie outbreak at the White House? watch now to find out.

Rest assured, the REP Team will be covering Infinite Darkness in an upcoming Podcast. We have one more episode to release before that, so stay tuned!

Biohazard 7 Lore Document released

The Resident Evil Podcast proudly presents its latest Lore Document – this time from Biohazard 7!
Compiled by REP staff member, theBatman, this feature collates all of the Resident Evil 7 supplemental lore in one place, fully translated in full for the first time!

Featuring complete translations of the Kaitai Shinsho , Umbrella Arsenal System, Survive Magazines only available in Japan including a TGS exclusive, this supplemental material adds a huge amount of background lore to Blue Umbrella that greatly enhance what would be shown in Resident Evil Village.

Head over to our Features page now!
or direct download here

As always, these projects could not be completed without the support of our wonder Patrons. A huge thanks to: Ploppy54, RigatoniWestern, theSelfishGene, Psyniac, NightHawk, Mark Berringer, HarrBear, RPGS&DeathMetal, Didiaskforfries, Luke Marriott, Bennynthejets, CKPresent, Sylec, Smaklosa, Peter MacPherson, Syd Smyth, 666nedflanders666, SuperDoneMan, Johnski, Aaron_F, Whatisthis, Deththepursuer, Darken Raul, JordanOsiris, AaronZ, MomattX, SERG10tx, AlbertWhiskers, Brooksy925, HappySmelly, UmbrellaInc, JCWesker, mc_milky, KendoGunShop, DynamiteHeaddy, Fen Rivers, RainbowKnightEroson, Malacoda, jimmyjoejangles, Phil Rodgers

BONUS FEATURE - The Resident Evil mythology

our featured editorial timeline by thebatman

The Resident Evil Podcast
The Resident Evil Podcast3 days ago
Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is getting a Blu Ray / DVD release!

Due for release on 22 December 2021 (in Japan at least), there will be a Blu Ray/DVD combo pack.

Additionally, Amazon France now has an image for what we hope is the European release of the Netflix CGI series. Thanks to RE Collection on Twitter for sharing this news!

Stay tuned for hopefully a worldwide release schedule in due course!

Who will be picking this up?

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The Resident Evil Podcast
The Resident Evil Podcast6 days ago

Episode 72 of the Resident Evil Podcast is now available to download or stream from all good podcast apps like Spotify, Google and Apple (just search for the Resident Evil Podcast!)

This episode see's the team look back on 20 years of Wesker's Report - for many, the first piece of supplemental lore that had been produced. It had quite the impact back in 2001 and following this we see 2 more reports from Wesker, supplemental reports from Jessica Sherwat, Ada Wong and most recently the Baker Report.

We take a dive into the lore across the series with the nuggets of joy these reports brought to the table!

A direct download from Podbean is available here:

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A fantastic Podcast, hosted by a bunch of hilarious and well informed guys. I’ve listened since the beginning and I’m really happy we’re still getting content. Easily the best RE podcast out there.

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