Pedro Fernandez

Pedro Fernandez was an enthusiastic member of TerraSave; a non-government organisation set up sometime after the Raccoon City incident to support those affected by bioterrorism. Pedro joined the organisation straight after graduating from full-time education, having first become affiliated whilst still a student joining organised protests against alleged cover up of a viral leak by the U.S. Government. Pedro was very athletic and specialised in mechanical engineering.

He was popular with his colleagues because of his bright and cheerful personality, but underneath he was cowardly and had a tendency to get scared in stressful and critical situations. Because he was prone to panic attacks thanks to his timid nature, he seldom went into the field during active bioterrorism incidents. He was also somewhat childish and his favourite word was ‘balls’

Pedro assisted in the aftermath of many infamous bio-terror incidents, including flying out to Kijuju in 2009 following the Las Plagas outbreak. He was close friends with colleagues Gabriel Chavez and Edward Thompson and was always warm towards Claire Redfield.

In 2011, Pedro was one of several TerraSave employees purposefully selected by his boss Neil Fisher to take part in a top-secret trial on Sushestvovanie Island in the Baltic Sea run by Alex Wesker. He was present at a party to welcome new employees when an armed mercenary team stormed TerraSave headquarters and abducted all the candidates. Pedro later woke up in an abandoned hut somewhere in an old forest alongside Fisher, Chavez and Thompson. All of them were wearing fear sensor bracelets and they were chased by swarms of ‘Afflicted’; human zombie variants infected with the t-Phobos virus. After Edward was killed, Pedro took his severed hand so he could study the strange sensor bracelet in more detail. After Fisher lured the Afflicted away by creating a diversion, Pedro and Gabe were able to escape and were contacted by Wesker who posed as ‘The Overseer’. She instructed them to head to the Vossek tavern in an abandoned fishing village. Once there, they bumped into Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, two other candidates for the trial. Pedro worked on Thompson’s bracelet and determined each one contained a small GPS tracker and a two-way transmitter. The transmissions from the Overseer were coming from the centre of the island somewhere high up, and Pedro guessed the source was the giant Monument Tower near the factory district.

After they found an old helicopter in a nearby field, they began searching the village for supplies and Pedro came across an old rock drill he was able to use to smash through walls and reach sealed off areas. But when Wesker used a siren to lure more Afflicted to the village, Pedro got scared and began to panic as the survivors barricaded themselves inside the Vossek. This eventually triggered his sensor bracelet and activated the t-Phobos virus, transforming him into a strange irregular mutant.

He eventually encountered Barry Burton and Natalia Korda in one of the abandoned apartment blocks 6 months later only for Barry to finally put him out of his misery.

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