Plague Crawler

The Plague Crawler was an insect based B.O.W. based on many species of insects experimentally developed through repeated gene manipulation and repeated t-Virus administration, resulting in a genetic chimera. Manipulating the genes of creatures to improve them or to produce a new species is commonplace in conventional science, but the application of the t-Virus produced far more drastic results such as the sporadic mutation of a creature’s features, or the merging of multiple creatures into a single organism. Together with gigantism and accelerated evolution, this merging ability is another of the t-Virus’ more obvious features.

A typical trait of arthropods when injected with the t-Virus is a drastic increase in size and the Plague Crawler was a perfect example with some specimens recorded to be over 2 metres in length having been developed early in the program and given plenty of time to grow. They also boast suitably large sickle-like forearms used as death-dealing pincers. On the surface, they appeared to be excellently suited for dealing death and destruction. However, their insect-base ensured they did not have the required intelligence needed for a successful B.O.W. and were ultimately deemed unfit for heavy combat situations. Their development was halted indefinitely after it was shown they could not follow orders. A Plague Crawler preferred wet, dark conditions and would usually hide on the ceiling ready to ambush its target. They were carnivorous and waited for they prey to be directly underneath before jumping down and attacking with their sickle-shaped forelimbs. They were also heavy breeders and if left unsupervised would increase their number at frightening speed.

Like the Lurker before them, a few specimens of the Plague Crawler were recorded for observation and their development data kept on file. They could be produced quickly and were cheap, making them an attractive prospect for selling to small terrorist groups and factions with limited resources. Several also survived the initial cull at the training facility and were left alone over two decades to develop breeding colonies. They were able to survive long periods with very little sustenance.

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