Posh Braun

Posh Braun grew up a strong individual, confident in his own ability and always ready to look down on those he saw as beneath him. He was strong athletically, and his over-confidence led to him being a bully towards others. But as he grew older, he never really fulfilled his potential and in his own words became just an ordinary and uninteresting person. In early adulthood he developed nyctophobia; a sudden irrational fear of night or darkness. This condition led to a constant need to feel important and wanted, and he found he had to keep talking to keep his fears at bay otherwise he would quickly develop anxiety and panic attacks.

This naturally led to relationships and friendships breaking down because he was always chattering away and getting on people’s nerves. This ultimate failure to be taken seriously only caused Posh to become more withdrawn into himself and he sank into depression, knowing he would never fulfill his early potential. Once he realised he’d made nothing of himself and just become ordinary, he gave up on himself and thinking of himself that way only made him feel worse. He’d always wanted to be a hero and it was desperately holding onto that fantasised image of himself in the past that led to him eventually becoming a security guard.

At Philosophy University he took his role seriously and worked closely to please both Dean Ezra and especially Professor Ryan Howard. He saw Professor Howard as a brilliant man and was always happy to follow his every order, keeping the research areas secure and protecting the fossil museum where the Irish Giant remains were kept. He knew the layout of the university better than anyone and knew of secret passageways on the second floor that few others did. He always had to keep busy and if he felt he was being ignored or unwanted, he would quickly get upset. He got on well with the other students, particularly a girl named Betty who would often buy him chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

When the biohazard outbreak occurred at the university in August 2010, Posh lost his nerve and ran like a coward, hiding in one of the bathroom stalls until he was eventually found by Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans and Rebecca Chambers. Posh was ashamed at being a coward and quickly became upset that his cowardice prevented him from fulfilling his duties and protecting the other students. His anxiety and inability quickly got on Piers’ nerves and ultimately his lack of concentration saw him get bitten on the leg by a zombie, something he kept hidden from the others. As the incident wore on, Posh found himself bonding with Rebecca and Sophie Holm, both of whom realised Posh needed to feel wanted and important in order to keep going. But ultimately his wound slowed him down and eventually he transformed into a zombie. He pleaded with Sophie to kill him and holding back tears, she fulfilled his last wish.

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