Project Leader “A”

Project Leader “A” was the lead researcher into the Matchless Soldier Program and the creation of the MS-Virus.

He, like many in his team had to lose their identities and given codenames due to the secretive nature of the work. The MS-Virus was to be a major development in the advancement of B.O.Ws, specifically the preservation of and suitability of biological based soldiers.

Details are scarce of the timeframes involved, but A was placed in charge of the project in a dedicated laboratory beneath the streets of Raccoon City. This allowed extensive research into the virus and the “non-death” cell.

“A” had access to a small number of T-Virus B.O.W’s including Lickers and Eliminators, all of which were used in the ongoing development of the MS-Virus. 

At some point A faced a mutiny from his team. Researchers “K”, “M” and her husband and “S” all began to feed information on their project to the F.B.I seemingly concerned about the experimentation they were conducting. “A” however was far more resolute and when he was approached by his team to help the F.B.I, “A” scoffed at such a stance.  Fearing his part in the program would be unearthed and with his team’s betrayal in mind, “A” began to enact a plan to cover his research.

“A” then begins to construct a bomb with the intent to blow up the laboratory to protect him from prosecution. In the early hours of 26 September 1998, “A” sets off his bomb and seeks refuge in his office awaiting rescue or death. 

By 1 October 1998, still alive, “A” has a change of heart after noting the arrival of the U.S.S. When “A” encounters F.B.I Agent, Naomi McClain he seeks salvation and points her in the direction of the mouse version of the MS-Virus. “A” rushes to acquire more evidence in the lab but is brutally shot dead by the U.S.S in cold blood.

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