Raccoon City Museum

The Raccoon City Museum was an elegant, quite regal building situated somewhere in Raccoon City. During the Raccoon City Incident, like many locations around the city, the building became a dangerous place to linger owing to the presence of various B.O.Ws.

It can be assumed that following the Raccoon City Police Department’s move into what would become the RPD in the 1980’s, the owners of the museum sought out a new location to store their precious artefacts and exhibits. The new museum had many different rooms all with sufficient space to really showcase various treasures from around the world. The new location even benefitted from an underground level which offered large storage areas for exhibits not being shown to the public at that time.

It can also be assumed that the Museum was not quite in the heart of the city and had moved towards the suburbs. It was however close to Raccoon City University.

During the Raccoon City Incident, an Umbrella researcher known only as “M” and her husband sought refuge in the museum. This had two benefits. Firstly to protect themselves from B.O.Ws but to also hide a sample of the MS-Virus. Unfortunately, both of these safeguards were doomed to fail. Umbrella sent in a platoon of USS soldiers who locked down the museum as they hunted for the rogue researcher. Secondly, the museum itself was littered with the undead including a large mutated centipede. There were even two Hunter B.O.Ws in the underground area.

Despite hitting the museum’s alarm system and drawing the attention of nearby cop, Tyler Hamilton and FBI Agent, Naomi McClain, M’s husband was killed in the museum by the USS. However, the sample was recovered by McClain.

Like all in Raccoon City, the museum was obliterated following the city’s sterilisation on 1 October 1998.

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