Raccoon City Police Department

The Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.) was the main local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction covering the whole of Raccoon City and surrounding Arklay Mountains landscape. For a small-town police force the R.P.D. were unusually well-equipped and this was thanks in no small part to generous donations over the years from the Umbrella Corporation. The rise of the worldwide pharmaceutical giant massively boosted the economy of Raccoon City and Umbrella contributed greatly to improving municipal functions. As a result, the R.P.D. was outfitted with state of the art law enforcement equipment and had several specialised units such 437 as the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), and later the select force S.W.A.T. UNIT. In the late 1980’s the R.P.D. switched location to a recently closed down art museum in the centre of town. Police Chief Brian Irons was behind the deal and the building was completely renovated to suit modern policing needs. Its layout retained many aspects of its former incarnation and several major art pieces remained on display. In 1993 Chief Irons was bought by Umbrella and began taking bribes to ensure their more questionable activities were never brought to light. One of his first jobs was to deflect the police investigation into the bizarre deaths at the old hospital in Raccoon Forest which had been caused by an experimental form of the t-Virus.


PATROL DIVISION – This was the back bone of the whole policing operation with officers patrolling both mobile and on foot 24 hours a day seven days a week, covering the whole area of Raccoon City and surrounding rural landscape. The Patrol Division was broken down into several different sections assigned to covering different geographical boundaries of the town. These included Uptown Raccoon and Downtown Raccoon. Notable officers included Leon S. Kennedy and Kevin Ryman.

K-9 UNIT – Specially trained officers and Doberman Pinschers used for missing persons and evidence searches. The chief dog-handler was called Tony and two of the dogs were known as Rocket and Jo-Jo. Although some of the dogs were kept in the basement of the R.P.D. near the cell-block, there was also a set of external kennels round the side of the precinct building.

JUVENILE CRIME DIVISION – This unit was similar to regular patrol but made up exclusively of rookies and officers still on training and probation working alongside experienced supervisors and tutor officers. One rookie known as Elran once had an unfortunate run-in with a distressed Chris Redfield after he accidentally spilled some coffee over him.

AERIAL UNIT – The R.P.D. owned an AS350B Eurocopter. This was occasionally borrowed by the S.T.A.R.S. teams even though they were later granted two Bell UH-1’s specifically for their unit. The helicopters were primarily used for surveillance and search and rescue operations. Kevin Dooly worked for this division.

S.T.A.R.S. – The Special Tactics and Rescue Squad were formed in 1996 with a remit to tackle specialised crime such as hostage situations and cyber-terrorism as well as conventional Special Forces duties including rescue operations and VIP protection. The unit was led by Captain Albert Wesker.

S.W.A.T. – A more conventional Special Weapons and Tactics team created after the disbandment of S.T.A.R.S. in 1998. Although never specified, it is assumed the R.P.D. had other regular policing units such as a traffic division and a special operations sections for niche crimes such as missing persons, sex offences, cyber-crime and gang warfare.

Vehicles and Weapons

R.P.D officers drove Ford Crown Police Interceptors {pre-1998 model} whilst out and about on patrol. The squad cars were also equipped with a Mossberg 500 special purpose shotgun. The official sidearm of the R.P.D. was the Beretta 92FS although officers were allowed to carry their own personal weapons as evidenced by Barry Burton’s Colt Python, Kevin Ryman’s Colt M1911A1 and Leon Kennedy’s H&K VP70. There are also several heavier weapons all stored in the armoury in the basement. The Chief of Police was Brian Irons and the Deputy Chief was Raymond Douglas.

Key Personnel

BRIAN IRONS: – Police Chief and secretly in the pocket of Umbrella – Killed by the G-Mutant in his own torture room.

RAYMOND DOUGLAS: – Deputy Police Chief. Partnered with Arthur when the outbreak got out of control. Raymond was in charge of evacuating civilians from key areas in the city. He assisted several people before being overcome by zombies in an alleyway close to the rear of J’s bar.
MARVIN BRANAGH: – Leon’s new boss and a highly respected officer. Marvin led the ‘Desperate Times’ rescue operation and was badly injured. He briefly met Claire Redfield before becoming a zombie on September 29th.
KEVIN RYMAN: – A highly competent officer. He was due to help train the new recruits {including Leon} alongside Rita. He also applied to be a S.T.A.R.S. member, but failed the selection process twice.
LEON S. KENNEDY: – A rookie cop who arrived in Raccoon City late for his first day on the job only to find zombies everywhere. One of the few survivors of the incident.
KEVIN DOOLY: – Pilot for the R.P.D. He was called in to aid the S.T.A.R.S. teams on several occasions. He was killed in Raccoon Forest by Cerberus dogs during the mansion incident.
RITA: – Blonde-haired officer who played a major role in evacuating survivors from the R.P.D. just prior to Jill’s arrival. She was also a trainer of new recruits but it remains unknown whether she made it out of Raccoon City alive or not.
ARTHUR: – Arthur was teamed up with Raymond on the night of the outbreak. He was using a speaker system to help round up and evacuate civilians. He was killed outside of J’s bar.
DORIAN: – Another officer helping to evacuate the citizens. He was driving around in a S.W.A.T. van, picking up survivors outside the Apple Inn and escorting them to safety.
AARON: – Kevin Ryman’s role model and self-confessed ‘hero’. Aaron first appeared on Main St. assisting with cleaning up the mess after Operation Mop-Up in the town square. He later turned up at the R.P.D. on September 27th and took up position on the emergency stairwell trying to help the survivors. But he was eventually overrun and killed by the zombies.
DAVID: – An officer holed up in the western wing barricade of the station. He eventually committed suicide by taking his shotgun to his own head.
ERIC: – A rookie officer assisting Harry and Elliot in assembling a bomb in the town square. Eventually the barricade he secured gave way and he was killed by the zombie hordes.
HARRY: – Teamed up with Elliot and Eric for Operation Mop-Up. He lost his nerve and could not save Elliot and Eric from being killed when the zombies broke through the barricade. But he redeemed himself by assisting Rita in evacuating R.P.D. survivors during the station siege. His fate remains unknown.
ELLIOT: – Killed by zombies whilst bravely trying to save his partner Eric during Operation Mop-Up.
ED: – An officer shot to death by Chief Irons in the R.P.D. building.
R. LAMBERT: – R.P.D. officer who photographed a zombie attack outside the Arukas Tailor.
DAVID FORD: – Holed up in the western wing of the R.P.D., Ford was the author of the first two operation reports. He was amongst those who witnessed the first appearance of the Licker. He was eventually killed by zombies in the operation room.
ELLIOT EDWARD: – Following the death of David Ford, Edward took over the recording of the operation reports. Later he, Elliot and two other officers attempted to leave the station via the sewers. None survived. Elliot was the last man standing and made it to the rooftop but he was attacked and killed by zombies whilst trying to signal a rescue helicopter.
FRED: – Surviving officer who tried to secure the roof of the R.P.D. during the siege. He was eventually overcome and killed by infected crows.
JEAN: – Close colleague of Kevin Ryman. Early on in the conflict, Jean went to the Raccoon Underground to look for survivors. But he was consumed by the unrelenting darkness and eventually committed suicide. Jean’s body was later found by Jim Chapman.
GEORGE SCOTT: – One of the night watchman. He was scheduled for night duty on September 27th. The body found on the bunk inside his office is presumed to be him. His throat was torn out.
MEYER: – One of the R.P.D.’s better marksmen. He fought alongside David Ford and saved his life, yet when the time came to repay the favour, David ran and Meyer was torn apart by the zombies.
NEIL CARSLEN: – An officer out on routine patrol on September 20th when he witnessed a member of U.S.S. Alpha Team gathering intelligence on the area.
ELRAN: – A probationary officer within the juvenile Crime Department. In early August 1998 he was assaulted by Chris Redfield after he accidentally spilled some coffee over him.
ANDY: – A uniformed patrol officer. His fate is unknown.


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