Raccoon Prison

The Prison was an Umbrella owned facility that was secretly used a biological testing ground by the organisation as just one of a number of facilities across the stricken city.

It is however, unclear whether this prison was used for normal incarcerated criminals, or exclusively used by Umbrella as a storage depot for test subjects.  Either way, during the Raccoon City Incident, the prison became a hellscape, with the trapped inmates doomed to their fate by the undead. 

The prison itself was already a morbid location with an execution chamber, suggesting capital punishment was imposed in this part of the country. The prison had a large number of single and double cells as well as a communal mess hall.

With already an excellent surveillance set up in operation, Daniel Fabron was able to use the prison as an ongoing testing area for B.O.Ws during the T-Virus outbreak. Daniel was able to monitor the adaptability of a handful of Raccoon City survivors.

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