The Rafflesia was rare endoparasite plant with no stems, leaves or roots that was native to the rainforests of Indonesia. It bloomed over the course of a week and had the distinction of producing the largest individual flower on earth. Interestingly enough, the flower emanated an extremely unpleasant aroma and was named ‘corpse flower’ by local tribesman. In September 1998 one subject was imported to Raccoon City Zoo’s terrarium dome where it flowered during the t-Virus outbreak. When fully bloomed the flower had five large petals around a central bulb and had the appearance of rotting flesh. The smell it gave off attracted flies to the plant which in turn caused them to become infected and grow to a larger size. These flies would turn poisonous and swarm and protect the Rafflesia. If the plant was ever destroyed, the flies would go berserk and cover the whole terrarium dome.

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