Robert was a member of one of the last surviving U.B.C.S platoons that were sent into Raccoon City during the outbreak of September and October 1998.

Little is known of his background, however it can be assumed that due the makeup of other U.B.C.S members, Robert was a former combatant in the military, now acting as a mercenary and recruited by Umbrella.

In the days prior to the destruction of Raccoon City and under the leadership of Claus, Robert was part of a team ordered to recover Dr. Cameron, an Umbrella scientist that had apparently gone rogue. 

Arriving in an old food storage warehouse, Robert met his untimely demise after inspecting a crate of apples. Hidden beneath the crate was Monster Cameron, the mutated form of Dr. Cameron. She burst from her hiding spot impaling Robert on her claws, gutting the unsuspecting U.B.C.S member. 

Robert’s body was swiftly discarded by the B.O.W when his fellow platoon members took up arms against the creature.

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