Roger was a member of one of the last surviving U.B.C.S platoons that were sent into Raccoon City during the outbreak of September and October 1998.

Little is known of his background, however it can be assumed that dspute being subordinate to platoon leader, Claus, Roger was in fact a Monitor or Supervisior within the U.B.C.S.

In the days prior to the destruction of Raccoon City, under the leadership of platoon leader, Claus, the team  were ordered to recover Dr. Cameron, an Umbrella scientist that had apparently gone rogue. Unknown to the rest of his team, Roger was secretly given additional orders to ensure that he came back with Dr. Cameron’s data on her newly developed virus.

During the mission, the platoon headed to the outskirts of the city, tracking Dr. Cameron’s tracker hidden in her ID badge. Inside, the team found and were subsequently attacked by a mutated Dr. Cameron after she had infected herself with her own virus.

Roger quickly worked out what had happened and once again kept this detail from his team. Realising that if revealed that his team had just destroyed Dr. Cameron, Claus would then end the mission. Roger needed time and thankfully noted on his datapad movement from the ID tracker which was on Dr. Cameron’s pet dog.

Sensing this opportunity, Roger directs the team towards what would be Dr. Cameron’s secret lair. Once inside, Roger sets to work on her terminal. Claus questions this sudden change of approach whereupon Roger reveals that he has additional orders to acquire data. 

Angered by this revelation and the recent death of Robert, another platoon member, Claus pushed Roger into the corpse of Dr. Cameron’s pet dog who itself was infected with the same virus.

Claus then attempts to leave the sewers leaving Roger alone. In this moment, the virus spreads through Roger and in doing so, the concious memories of Dr. Cameron. Roger is no more as Dr. Cameron’s plan for immorality seems to show promise. 

However, work is to be done and Roger/Cameron must escape the city. They leave the sewers and locate the parked HUMVEE. As they do this, Roger/Cameron spots Claus battling what once was platoon member, Ed, now a humanoid Tyrant monster. Roger/Cameron drives into the B.O.W giving Claus enough time to mount the minigun and the pair escape the outskirts of the city.

Claus, exhausted rests in the passenger seat before Roger/Cameron begins to mutate. Insects crawl out of their ear before spouting tenatcles all over. Cameron violently pinned Claus to the chair impaling him through the eyeballs with her tentacles.

With that death, Roger/Cameron look to make their escape. It could be implied that as there is no record of the virus or Dr. Cameron post Raccoon City, that the impending destruction of the city also took out Roger.

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