S.S Starlight

The S. S Starlight was a luxury cruise liner that sailed the world. It was a private ship and not part of the Paraguas Line or even owned by Umbrella. Instead, this was a standard Atlantic Ocean cruise liner that passengers would use for holidays. 

Following the destruction of Raccoon City and the world’s attention looking sharply at Umbrella, many of their insidious experiments needed to be moved away from mainland United States to their European Headquarters. To do this, Umbrella utilised many covert operations including placing subjects on standard holiday crossings as to avoid suspicion.

One such plan involved the movement of child orphan, Lucia from America to Europe. At some point in 1999, Lucia was provided with a ticket on board the Starlight with the instruction that she would be picked up in Europe by family. Unbeknownst to Lucia, she was an experiment and had a parasite slowly maturing inside of her. This was the latest in B.O.W testing for Umbrella and an important test subject.

To preserve her safety and the safety of the asset, an Amoeba-Type Tyrant was secretly stored on in the Starlight’s cargo hold. The Tyrant would only be activated in case of an emergency. During the voyage with Lucia, the Starlight was attacked by unknown forces causing the ship to cease operating in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This emergency triggered the Tyrant and in doing so systematically infected everyone on board to prevent her from being captured. As part of the Tyrant’s programming, when it encountered resistance towards this – in this case the protection of Lucia by Barry Burton and Leon S Kennedy, it would not only defend itself but destroy as much of its surrounding environment as possible.

As such, over the course of the subsequent events, the Tyrant wrecked havoc on the ship causing multiple explosions and gas leaks. Eventually this would take its toll on the stricken vessel causing the luxurious liner to eventually sink to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

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