Samuel Jordan

Samuel is a resident of Raccoon City, who was caught up on the biohazard incident of September – October 1998. He, along with a group of survivors were captured by Daniel Fabron and Umbrella and used in combat testing zones against their biological weapons.

Samuel is a strong athletic person and had a promising career in boxing. However, following a bruising encounter in the ring, he suffered from a nasty injury that forced him to retire.

This injury no doubt caused significant distress to Samuel and was determined to recover by any means necessary.  When Umbrella advertised a medical trial that could aid him in that recovery, Samuel did not hesitate. 

However, it was during this trial that he was taken to be part of a different trial under the watchful eyes of Daniel Fabron. 

He, along with others would encounter various monstrosities, using skills and teamwork to evade infection and death. It remains unclear however as to whether Tyrone survived the Raccoon City Incident.

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