Sea Creeper

The Sea Creeper is a specific mutation of a t-Abyss infected human and lives under water. This mutation tends to be seen in female hosts only. The carapace covering the whole body is reminiscent of a woman’s long hair, helping to reduce friction and allowing it to swim quietly and gracefully when approaching its prey. This shell alternates between smooth and rough surfaces. It is not hard, but slick like a squid. When it is close enough, it catches and secures its target with six arms in order to consume it. The arms will wrap around and hold the target whilst its rib cage opens up like a mouthful of sharp teeth. This embrace reminds the organism of a ‘mother’s love’ ensuring it is extremely strong and almost impossible to escape from.

The look of the creature is graceful and elegant, with the final mutated appearance resembling a cross between a mutated female Ooze and a horseshoe crab. It is reminiscent of a Nostostraca organism. When it attacks, spines and ribs can be seen through the carapace which becomes almost translucent, leaving a revolting texture. Flexible joints at the bottom of the carapace allow the creeper to swing, resulting in efficient mobility under water. Much of the creeper’s face is covered and it has no discernible eyes or ears. Its skin has wrinkles that display a variety of colours and the claws, heels and ankles on their feet are all made of bone. When observed underwater they emit a distinctly feminine noise and researchers have theorised this is how they communicate with each other in a manner similar to whale-song.

As a water-based B.O.W., Sea Creepers show much potential. The murky depths can make it hard to discern how near they are with the naked eye and whilst underwater no weapons can fatally damage them. Pulse grenades can disorientate them, but only for a few seconds.

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