Neo-Umbrella Seabed Laboratory

Neo-Umbrella’s deep-sea research facility was built so the group could have a secret location to create B.O.W.s via Complete Mutation Species. Teams of scientists extracted magma from below the ocean floor to find bacteria and microbes that could thrive in such extreme conditions, and then added their traits to the C-Virus to give life to even more powerful B.O.W.s. The facility was located roughly 80 miles off the coast of Lanshiang and disguised as a conspicuous oil rig. But amidst the landing pad and drilling facilities on the surface was a transparent elevator fixed to an umbilical that travelled hundreds of meters underground to the ocean floor. Where Neo-Umbrella obtained the funds to construct such a multi-billion-dollar facility remains unclear, but it is believed to be through Carla Radames illegally syphoning funds from the limitless financial resources of The Family.

Because Carla was still feigning complete loyalty to Simmons at that time whilst formulating her revenge plan, she had access to unparalleled wealth for various research projects pertaining to the C-Virus. In secret, she used money from those endeavours over a number of years to finance construction of this elaborate base. Evidently The Family were so rich nobody noticed or questioned even billons of dollars being taken from their accounts.

The complex on the ocean floor housed facilities for well drilling to explore, extract and secure bacteria thriving in rock formations beneath the seabed. It was made up of several large structures all connected via a series of tunnels and accessways with large glass windows looking out into the ocean gloom. All the windows were covered with a strange lattice motif reminiscent of insect eyes. The upper levels were comprised mainly of living quarters for Neo-Umbrella personnel and security, as well as storage warehouses and control rooms. There was a large wind tunnel and air purifying machinery present to constantly replenish and recycle the air supply. These levels also contained administration offices and a comprehensive medical bay. There was also a battle testing arena where CMS were deposited into the room via a conveyor belt system and a certain number needed to be successfully eliminated before the door locks released. The upper levels of the facility were connected to the lower levels via large transport freight elevators. The lower levels were where the main laboratories are housed.

Many successful Complete Mutation Species had been developed here, including the Rasklapanje and its successor, the HAOS. The labs were filled with state-of-the-art equipment and there was a culture room and specimen confinement lab where fully matured Rasklapanjes were kept. In emergency conditions, power from this entire section of the facility could be rerouted to the HAOS incubation chamber in order to speed up its growth and revival process. The labs were all connected across three floors via an automated elevator and gantry system constructed on a giant atrium. There were nine laboratories in all, labelled A-I, with three located on each floor. Beyond the labs was the HAOS incubation chamber itself, which was a huge circular silo with the largest Chrysalid ever created being nurtured above. Elevators inside this chamber enabled access back to the upper levels of the facility. There were also numerous flood drainage chambers and emergency exits. Several submersible escape pods were installed on each floor.

The very lowest level of the facility contained a large foundry which processed magma brought up from beneath the ocean floor. Automated machines gathered core samples which were sucked up via transparent glass tubes and a number of gantries and latticework platforms were suspended above. There was also an emergency monorail system to enable workers and cargo to get back to the surface from here. 

The Seabed Laboratory was one of many secrets Carla kept from Simmons, and no one from The Family ever knew of its existence. Thanks to the work being done there, Carla was able to use Jake Muller’s blood samples to create the enhanced strain C-Virus. But in 2013, the facility was raided by members of the B.S.A.A. The HAOS specimen was set loose, albeit in an incomplete state, and it went on the rampage, destroying many sections of the facility and flooding others. What became of this place after Neo-Umbrella’s destruction remains unknown, but it is likely the facility was raided for secrets by the relevant authorities before being purged completely. No doubt it was also infiltrated by agents of The Family to secure what remained of Carla’s classified research data.

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